Sunday, July 30, 2006

dun noe why suddenly feelin so stress nowadays... perhaps it's coz exams r comin soon le ba... my dad sae something 2 me dat makes my condition now even worse... he told me he expect me 2 maintain my standard in class 4 my end-years since i have already gotton first in de mid-years... wat de... i'm already so stressed and he can't even see it ma... he like dat sae will make me veri stress de leh... i regretted 4 doin well 4 my mid-years at least his expectations won't be so high yet... now dat he like dat sae le den wat can i do le... if i dun do well den he won't let me off so easily de... haishaishais... wat should i do... i'm so stressed now but no 1 will understands... currently in search of juz 1 blossom friend dat can help me 2 relief my stress now by lendin me her ears...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:17 PM.

Monday, July 24, 2006

my wish now is dat all de things dat is happenin now can come 2 an end... those who noe de situation will understand wat i'm meanin le... there had been so many things happenin recently dat i dun even have de time 2 react... firstly is so many people using words 2 hurt my friend... den next is de tag board thing... they kept postin comments on my friend on de tag board dat she was even forced by de situation 2 close down her blog le... why... i simply dun understand why these people r doin all these... is it coz they have too much time or is it of revenge... sometimes i really dun understand why these people 1 2 do all these... dun tell me by doin all these they will feel happy about it... or they juz 1 de trill of it... i feel veri disappointed now... i'm so sadden by de things r done now... i dun noe why i will have this type of feelin... is it coz i'm too soft... i juz 1 2 be good friend of a friend only... why juz simply there's always things will start happenin 2 prevent me from bein a good friend leh... finally i have de chance to be friends wif angie den there will be some1 trying 2 destroy it... why... i'm not blamin de person but i seriously think dat dis "aka coward really ar" is afterall not a bad person... but why de nature of dis person is kind but de character of dis person is so different from its nature ne... my only wish now is dat all these things can come 2 an end... dat's wat i'm thinkin...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:27 PM.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

i'm starting 2 feel more & more happi coz i finally being able 2 be friends wif angie again...!!! yeayeayea!!! soo happi...!!! dun noe why also....!!! hahaha...!!! i finally sms angie le...!!! it is my first time after a period of no contact wif angie, smsin 2 angie again & i'm so happi...!!! i have 1 more friend le...!!! my happiness cannot be describe de...!!! only i will understand de lar...!!! heiheihei...!!!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:19 AM.

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