Saturday, August 29, 2009

grandfather was feeling better when we visited him yst.
thankGod, he'll be getting discharged today. =)
i felt a lot much relieved after hearing dis piece of good news.
i think de hospital room was filled wif many of my laughter.

i wana watch 'de proposal'!
sweet was like intro-ing dis show to me since ahma ages.
missed her but we'll be going a FieldTrip real soon.
of coz, wif ED lor...
i'm looking much forward. =)
after de exams, i'm gonna play hard!

Taha left tcc@is for tcc@pp.
honestly speaking, i missed him a lot.
afterall, he was de one who takes care of me de most in tcc after marge and dez left.
he always cover my mistakes but at de same time, teaches me my mistakes too.
indeed, he's a good teacher who doesn't expect for any returns.
my days in tcc were much more happier wif him around.

people comes and goes.
i should have learnt about dis long time ago.
but still, i can't control my emotions well even when i noe i'll be expecting for it.
tears will still trigger around my eyes.
i'm starting to believe dat there's a vulnerable girl living deep inside of me.

Java's paper next.
though my Java on practise sucks, i have trust in my theory.
dad says, cannot make it also must make it.
wat a good piece of encouragement huh.
good thing is, my legs dun shiver upon hearing it's Java paper. =)

mum has no idea where to head to today although she says dat she pretty much wants to go out.
and sis is busy looking for a job.
and bro is mugging.
i'm only de Free&Easy one.
while everyone is like pleading me to please go study.
i think, my lazyiness kills.

i'm afraid of getting in love.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:01 AM.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

grandfather admitted to hospital again.
i'm worried sick.
de nightmare is back.
visiting him 2moro evening, when everybody's papers are over.

i wasn't in de best condition for today's paper.
i admit, i didn't prepare much for today's paper too.

stresses coming back again.
de next paper is java.
i hope, my confidence can come back.


what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:58 PM.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DBMS's paper is over.
smooth sailing paper.

IPNET's paper 2moro.
i dreaded de most.
no interest, no mood to study at all.

's having some problem.

soo i'm reinstall it now.


alright, a short post.

coz, i needa head for mugging now.

i hope, i realli mean something to you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:23 AM.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blogger's back!
press Ctrl-F5.

had been mugging hard at home.
for once, i feel dat dis time's revision isn't dat heavy.
heading out for studying pretty soon.
perhaps 2moro?
gonna teach zhili and gl's sis cmaths. =)

was out wif sis and dad on sunday as promised.
yesh, jus de 3 of us.
bro was busy mugging too. =(

dad bought 2'G' wallets, one for bro and one for mum.
soo now, everyone in our house is having branded stuffs.
wat's up wif de branded trend?
dad says i can get a 'G' bag in exchanged of my unarrived iPhone.
wat a good deal yea?
afterall, i still get my iPhone next year too.

MR.J will be heading for CK pretty soon too.
i think, i'm definitely gonna miss him. =(
but anyway, we can still keep in contact larh.

finished watching ConfessionsOfAShopaholic online.
reflects a lot about de current society i feel.
i regretted for not catching it in de cinemas.
upon watching, de feeling isn't dat bad already.
de next movie i'm catching online will be IceAge3.


what we could have been, ★ JESS™@12:29 PM.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blogger's still de same.

had work today.
i'm de host again and i'm starting to love hosting a bit little more.
it's realli unusual for a sat afternoon to be not FullHouse.
but, it happened today.
i think, all de crowd had went to ion.
dinner crowd den came in when i knocked off from work.
escaped from extending hours. =)

dad says he wana visit ion again.
i realli dun noe wat's soo attractive about ion dat de crowds will be always there.
soo, sis and me had to accompany him there again 2moro.
hopefully, he can let us shop happily and peacefully.
i bet he will tell us to stop buying clothes and shoes.

was out wif sis yst, we went to vivo.
gratefully, sis paid for de expenses. =)
our objective was actually to buy de MiniPoolTable from Toys.R.Us.
eventually, we changed our mind and bought de wii similar console.
had Ben&Jerry's BananaSplit.
it's realli sweet but it's realli nice too.
you noe, i love IceCreams to de MAX!
wanted to catch de movie, District9.
however, GV didn't have dis film showing.
i wonder why too.
headed home early coz i wanted to play de game.

was out wif sweet yst de yst, we went to AmkHub.
i enjoy every moment wif my BestFriendForever.
although it was a realli short while.
we caught JackNeo's latest Horror-cum-Comedy film.
it's kinda lame but i believe he's trying to bring across certain messages througout de film.

was out wif my secondary school cliques on monday, we went to bugis.
we sat at CoffeeBeans@Iluma while waiting for our movie.
made a lot of catching up wif de girls.
seems like everyone is busy wif their own stuffs.
it's nice meeting up all de girls once in a while to have such heartfelt chatting session.
we caught De-Hangover.
i realised how 'wild' can guys be already.

here's some updates about my preparation for de exams.
i had kicked off wif DBMS and Java.
right now, i think, i'm coping pretty well.
colleagues had been pretty concerned about my exams. =)
no worries, i'll give my best shot.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:11 PM.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

wat's up wif Blogger man?!
i'm on de verge of changing to WordPress already.
getting pretty annoyed wif Blogger nowadays.

ohya! FinalPresentation had finally ended.
i'm realli relieved coz it was only till yst morning de integration worked.
although de presentation was kinda disappointing, it had all over.
headed home, total KO.
mum was like calling me from home when i'm sleeping in de room.

right now, i jus needa focus on my exams coming end of de month.
exams are not of a big issue to me.
jus have to memorize and study.

there's a ipnet revision lecture 2moro.
i'm still struggling to attend or not.
coz, it's always fruitless to attend ipnet's revision lecture.

i'm currently waiting for Miss.AhNing to get ready.
i'm supposed to meet her to study wif ED.
however, ED's not feeling well. =(
if we can't find other stuffs to do, we'll study i promise.

had been watching 'we get married' recently.
it's a korea variety show matching celebrities to live together like a married couple.
de 4couples are kinda funny by de way they talked to each other.
i'm looking forward for things to work out well for Solbi&Andy, InYoung&CrownJ.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:29 AM.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

blogger's still de same.
posts are realli dull.

going ion later wif AhGeok, AhPig and AhLi.
it's like ion, again.
had been visiting there quite often.
will be skipping ipnet's lecture.
no interest in ipnet at all.

i'm still struggling whether to attend 2moro's project module at 1 coz teacher says i may not attend since she had already seen my work.
if not, my lesson will be from 4 all de way till 8.30.
it's another ipnet's quiz 2moro. =(

project deadline is jus around de corner.
time's realli pressuring.
dis's de first time i seriously felt dat time dun waits.
final presentation is on next wed.
and, we are de first team to present. =(

chosen my elective, PrinciplesOfAccount and .Net.
although i started to develop some interest in Java, it's more practical to choose something dat i can manage.
even though, i can predict i will have problems in .Net too.
no matter wat, i seriously agree dat year2 is not an easy year.

damaged sis's external hard-disk.
i can only turn to AhLi at dis point of time.
hopefully, 100% can be retrieved.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:23 AM.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

alright, blogger is realli problematic.
can't change font and stuffs.

it had been a pretty loaded week.
SemesterProject submission is jus around de corner.
there still soo many stuffs to edit.
seems like it's never ending.
i think, i can only take a good rest after de submission.

i'm not working today.
1day/weekend, sun off~
like finally...
SM was somehow uptight yst.
perhaps, it's de new menu released.
it's jus soo coincidental dat it was a sat de new menu was released on.
i realli prefer doing hosting nowadays.
at least, lesser mistakes will be committed. =)

sis's birthday is around de corner too.
i'm still thinking of wat to get for her.
realli lacking of bucks.

met mum and bro after work yst.
we went to ion.
soo big, like a maze where i will lose my way.
it's all about queues and queues for food.

having a terrible headache dis afternoon.
i haven't been sleeping well these few nights.
ProjectProjectProject had been on my mind.
i had prepared for de worst. =(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:57 PM.

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