Wednesday, July 28, 2010

yea peeps!
it's me...

finally i returned to my fyp lab after being stationed at suntec for some internet security conference thingy.
needless to say, de feeling is good to back in school eh:)
alright, i think i needa get back to my report. Haa!

ohya. i'll be visiting Singapore Zoological Gardens once again!
it'll be wif sis and her uni friends.
i guess it'll be another memorable trip.
de last time i went was during my birthday wif sweetie and ED.

i dun noe wat's on my mind.
i dun noe wat do i want from you.
my heart goes to you, my eyes are on you, my ears hear you.

i tried to close my heart my eyes and my ears, from you.
jus tell me, wat should i do?
it feels real terrible, in me.
it had never felt soo true before.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:07 PM.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i'm aiming for dis next!!!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:02 PM.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hillo peeps!
it had been a pretty busy week for me and it's gonna get busier for de few days ahead:)

firstly, weekly NAFA's running session had been cancelled due to de rain dis afternoon.
dis means i had not burnt out de fats i had consumed for de past 1week.
i'll needa run extra rounds next week i guess:(
however, i was told dat i'm helping in an internet security conference at Suntec on de 26th and 27th.
which means i might not be able to attend next week's NAFA's running session!
seriously, i needa do something to my fats man!

secondly, last Saturday was my mum's birthday but it had to be postponed to dis week as my sis was having her major examination.
we'll be having some steamboat buffet dat my bro had highly introduced.
i jus hope dat i won't get diarrohea after de meal. FingersCrossed!

thirdly, i'll be attending Kaplan's Psychology course preview on Thursday.
after attending SMa's Psychology course preview, i'm kinda sure dat dis's de course.
right now, i have to continue to keep a lookout for de right school:)

alright, dat's how busy i am!
i like busy times as it'll keep my mind occupied.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:42 PM.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hye peeps, it's me again.
i bet dis's gonna be a pretty emotional post.

i hate it when people says i'm a pampered princess.
i hate it when people says i'm a spoilt brat.
i hate it when people says i'm not being complacent girl.
i hate it when people takes advantage of me.

friends would often say they're envy of me.
i'm leading de life they always wanted.
holding on to branded goods, dining good food, not worrying about money issue.
in de eyes of everybody, i'm leading an extravagance lifestyle.
but did it cross anybody's mind, is dis de life i want?
all i want is everyone to stay happi, stay healthy.
but often, de simplest wish is always de toughest to fulfill.

i wasn't born wif silverspoon, my family was chased out when i merely two.
time was difficult for us, it was indeed a real challenge.
but who, who borrowed us a pair of helping hands at dat point of time?
wat we had achieved today is after years and years of hardwork.
or perhaps, it all belongs to dad and mum's effort.
right now, they are jus trying to compensate us for those tough days.

soo people out there to jus gotta understand dat being a princess doesn't mean de princess herself wants to be a princess.
if time can turn back, i would rather go back to those times where de house is small and we were close to each other.
seriously, i haven't been real happi lately:(

PS: somehow, you jus make me smile.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:52 AM.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

yes peeps, i'm back!

guess wat, FYPJ Mid-Term Presentation was kinda a success to me:)
reason being, both independent markers were quite lenient towards my team or perhaps they weren't focusing on our presentation.
one was rushing for time while de other was not paying attention.
i was trembling throughout de whole presentation i guess.
i'm sure, dis's definitely de first time i felt soo nervous since all de presentation i had went through from year1.
everyone is soo tensed up luh!

after de tension day we had yst, we headed to amkhub dis afternoon for some relaxation.
we caught DespicableMe! and PepperLunch for lunch.
8* for de show and thumbs up for PepperLunch. Haa.
however, when it's time to get back to our fishtank, we have to be back:(

alright, enough about FYPJ!
let's talk about my life lately?
dad brought us to Jumbo@Changi on sunday for lunch.
basically i can't find a word to describe de food.
fabulous? yea, their food indeed holds up to their name.
after lunch, we were exploring Changi.
not forgetting, i requested to catch a glimpse of our famous haunted Changi Hospital.
de place looks real eerie and creepy man.

i meet up wif Q after school on Monday.
we had manhattan fish market.
he returned from BK only in de afternoon and he'll be flying to KL de following day.
soon, he'll be serving his NS and we'll have lesser catch up session:(

ending my post today will be about my fat pig:D
i haven't been playing wif her for quite a few days already.
i had been held up wif FYP, FYP and FYP.
FYP is tedious...

PS: Mr.S, if only i can see you everyday but i'll jus get speechless whenever i see you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:02 PM.

Friday, July 02, 2010

hye peeps.
it's Friday today.
and i understand dat i haven't been updating my blog either.

anyway, i've been through many heavy weeks.
i believed there'll be more coming up ahead.
most importantly, it's Mid-Term Presentation next week.
FYI, we haven't realli achieve much since we started on de project.
somehow i need someone to motivate me and give me more confidence.
no matter wat, i'm still glad dat my supervisor is pretty understanding and patient wif us as compared to other fyp-mates.
getting more and more demoralized, i'm still preparing for next week's presentation.
it's gonna be 30% of our total fyp weightage.
quite significant actually...

adding on to my heavy weeks, my emotions were going through some kind of rollar coaster ride.
AGMs wif my fyp-mates made me ponder pretty much lately.
i've been thinking through a lot a lot.
and i realized, i realli wish to loved again.
i dun put it as i prefer to be single but instead, i'm still waiting for de right one to appear.
jus last week, i saw it in my own eyes how depressed a guy can be when his girlf decided to call off de relationship.
while i always only see de opposite.
i believe, guys of all types still exists:)

btw, my stomach is not feeling right now.
it must be something i had ate during breakfast i guess.

ohya. i had joined de weekly training for NAFA wif 2 other girls.
my body was aching like free for de last two days.
i was walking like a crippled.
my legs felt a lot better today, but not my stomach:(

PS: why i'll jus smile, becoz of you?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@1:23 PM.

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