Sunday, November 29, 2009

dis is Winter(LeLe), a new member to our family. =)
LeLe's 3months plus old already...
we finally got her at SerangoonNorth as SPCA does not have anymore GuineaPigs up for adoption at de moment.
she hasn't realli stabled down yet.
dat's wat we were pretty much worried of.
she has not been eating/drinking as we realize.
or perhaps she will only be eating when we are all asleep ba.
my heart goes to her seeing her like dis.
but i noe it's something she must go through.
PetShop people says she still needs time to adapt to de new environment.
we will needa monitor her condition closely den.
i promise, i'll take good care of her. =P

alright, some updates about today.
dad spared off lunch today.
we had lunch at Sakura@TampinessSafra.
i dun realli like de ambiance as compared to Balestier's branch.
dishes and seating are arranged in a much more organized manner.
i feel like eating in a large canteen at TampinessSafra's branch.
not a sense of privacy at all. =(
i will never want to visit TampinessSafra's branch anymore.

tell me wat to do.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:21 PM.

Friday, November 27, 2009

it's been almost getting a week since i last updated my blog.
and it had been a busy week for me actually.
in preparation of a cozy home for our GuineaPigs!
mum is still not supportive about it but i believe we'll be able to change her perspective about small animals.
oh we are still considering getting how many of them.
since bro is having a share too soo perhaps 2 will be good, for a companion to each other.
soo 2moro, we are going to SPCA and take a look at de GuineaPigs there.
if there isn't suitable ones den we'll head to SerangoonNorth.
people might be asking why is it SPCA?
it's becoz i believe dat de animals there deserve to have a much happier life.
i realli can't wait for 2moro. =P

regarding to de project progress, my team is doing fine i guess.
we are progressing to building de database system.
tried out de template for de 3-Tier Architecture yst.
i can only say it can be quite a challenge to me.
afterall, it's something still veri raw to me.

ohya! not to mention about Fb games.
classmates and me are pretty into dis FB game called MedicalMayhem.
de fun thing is about spying each other's hospital. HAHA!

it's raining outside, it's raining inside my heart.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:31 PM.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

as wat i had mentioned previously, Sis&Me wanted to get a bunny.
after further discussions, we had decided to have hamsters instead, for hamsters being more easy to manage.
hence, we headed to vivo's pet safari dis afternoon.
upon reaching, we were received by their promoters.
they introduced to us GuineaPigs instead coz they dun bite and they are calm pets.
soo sis and me decided on having a GuineaPig.

things started to go wrong...
dis girl promoter, which looks pretty much like a PartTimer cum student started psycho-ing us to buy dis and dat, sounding as if if we dun buy, de GuineaPig will not survive.
she sounded patient initially but her attitude tuned when we aren't gonna buy de stuffs she asked us to buy.
wat i wana say is dat we are realli sincere in buying dis pet home and take responsibility to it.
however, there's always a budget to de things you buy right?
do you think it's necessary to buy toys for de GuineaPig at dis moment?
do you think it's necessary to buy 2GuineaPigs at a time when you dun even have any experience?
do you think it's necessary to buy a 80bucks worth of cage for jus only 1GuineaPig when de price of de cage cost even more den de GuineaPig itself?
do you think it's necessary to buy a cleanser to jus clean de cage?
pissed off wif de girl's attitude, we left de place not long later.
thinking of it back now, i was too good to still apologize to her.
i bet she will be talking bad about us straight after we left de store.

honestly speaking, i was realli mad over her sucky attitude but i had indeed learnt a lot today.
i realized i shouldn't be wasting money on de impractical.
most importantly, i wasn't psycho-ed by her words which i believe de old me will definitely give in to wat she suggested.
now dat Sis&Me are sure of getting a GuineaPig, we will Plan&Prepare a Nice&Cozy home for de GuineaPig.
having de knowledge i had gained today, when everything's in place, we will den buy de animal home.
trust me, we are definitely not gonna buy de animal home on impulse.
if i had bought it home today, it reflects clearly dat i'm still not thinking maturely.

anyway, i was supposed to head out wif my BFF.
unfortunately, she wasn't feeling dat well and she hasn't been feeling well these while.
i had been pretty worried actually.
however, i noe she'll be in good state under de care of her mum.
at least i noe things won't be dat worse as dat time when her mum wasn't around.
no matter wat, i'll keep her in my prayers... :0

i, will want to continue to how things were like.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:05 PM.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's tuesday and i had jus updated my blog wif a new post on sunday. LOL!
i didn't expect time to pass dis fast.
i completed my DMID assignment presentation dis morning.
it's de worst persentation i had presented soo far.
i think i spoke less den 3mins.
anyway, it's already over.
i'm having a VB WrittenTest 2moro, same goes to de Java students too.
soo right after dat, we are having a critic session. =(

someone asked me why i haven't been blogging about my relationship life.
afterall, we are still teenagers.
it's perfectly normal to speak about ur relationship life in ur own blog.
yea, and i realized i had never been open about my relationship life.
being frank here, i dun fancy blogging about my relationship life in my blog.
it's something rather personal i feel.
i would prefer venting it all out in my diary.
i'm not trying to act some secrecy, perhaps dat's de way how i handle my life.

someone asked me whether am i attached.
who cares wat's de answer? and i'll never hide de answer.
yes, i'm currently seeing a nice chap and things are doing fine for us.
as long as 2 people are spending nice moments wif each other, wat's soo much about being together as a couple or not?
it's wat i have been believing in ever since my failed relationships had taught me to.
does status realli matters soo much?

somehow there's some guilt in my heart.
dat's becoz there's dis person i can't let go.
he's a guy i had a liking for since i entered poly.
i guess many noes pretty well who am i referring to.
although i dun noe how he feels,
it's a feeling i can't forget.
and trust me, i tried many attempts to forget.
honestly speaking, i wouldn't noe how long will i take to forget him too.

i noe it's something pretty unfair for dat silly chap.
soo stop telling me to be a nice girl to him.
i'm still working on a solution to it.
solution to a relationship isn't jus 2=1+1.
give me some time and i'll work things out eventually.

jus let me be honest to myself for once.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:42 PM.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's sunday again, a day for updates. HAHA!
i had been pretty much obsessed over games in FB.
FishVille is a game introduced by my sis.
it's about maintaining a aquarium.
soo many fishes, my aquarium is getting more colourful and interesting.
and ya, 7 of my 30 fishes died today. =(
IcyTower is a game i came across in de LectureHall.
i called it de jump-jump game. LOL!
it's all about jumping as high and as fast as possible till de top.

jus some updates about de week i had spent.
UI Presentation went smooth... =)
some small changes to be made to our UI here and there.
overall MR.W commented dat our team's performance is AboveAverage.

ohya. sis and me are planning to get a pet bunny.
of all de pets we had reared, we never had a bunny before.
and dis time, we are realli serious over it.
i still remember how we used to discard our pet turtles and chicks when we are young.
i'll still have some regrets thinking of it now.
why was i such an irresponsible kid?
no matter wat, i think we are mature enough to handle a pet now.
trust me, i'm gonna do a good job dis time!
but de problem is, where are we gonna get realli nice white bunnies?
recommendations please, anyone?

to say is easier den to do.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:23 PM.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's week4, wednesday.
i'll be presenting UI Prototype 2moro wif my team.
& veri soon after dat, coding will start.
honestly speaking, i dun have much confidence.
anyway, enough of projects larh!

my life had been getting a little too much of ups&downs.
there were too much movies last week.
while times got eased dis week.

alright, i guess i'm having some wednesday blues.
i need someone to talk to badly. =(

wat else more can i do?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:45 PM.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

2moro is sunday again. HAHA!
and it's week4 de day after 2moro.
i have to agree dat time passes real fast since school reopened.
rushing for one class after de other is like a daily routine.

i had been pretty stressed over my sem project.
i noe i'm not capable of doing my individual implementation.
i can't cross my own barrier.
i can't stop myself from getting worried, getting panicked.
i guess, i can only do things one step at a time and i think i should do things one step at a time.
many said they'll be there to help me, appreciated yea.
alright, i think i should buck up!
i shouldn't let my own personal feelings affecting my team anymore.

ohya! i finally watched de korean tsunami show.
first 1.5hrs of show was pretty lengthy and draggy.
de exciting part only comes in during de last 30mins.
i can say de scene was pretty much astonishing.
power of nature can be soo frightening.
we should treasure wat we have now.
fyi, dis's de 2nd film in my life dat i had teared.


what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:12 PM.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

i'm realli happi dat my lappy is back on my table once again!
but at de same time, OS had been changed to xpPro.
i'm still trying to get use to using xpPro's interfaces.
soo now, i need not have to bring my dad's super heavy lappy to school anymore!
coz, i have VS05&08 successfully installed in my lappy! =)

alamak, my flu's getting no better.
it's been like running nose all these while.
it can be quite irritating at times. =(

caught some realli nice films for de past few days.
PokerKing & MyGirlfriend'sAnAgent.
i think it's de company dat matters.
if you're watching de film wif someone you're comfortable wif, it will be a pleasant one.
on de opposite, you will want de film to end asap. agree?

anyway, my house had changed a new fridge. =P
it's realli larger dis time but at de same time, it looks quite empty inside.
hence, dad&me decided to stock up some stuffs for de fridge.
eventually, we bought 100bucks of necessaries from FairPrice. OMG!

oh! i exchanged my phone wif sis.
wana try back using Nokia phone.
no worries, it's jus temporary larh. HAHA!
i think sis's phone looks too feminine on me.

KaKi msn-ed me in de morning!
you guys must be curious who's KaKi right?
she's my primary school friend who went back HK for her studies.
she was my partner and my best friend in primary school.
i'm sure she's one of those people i will never forget in my life.

soo right now, i'm rushing out de UserInterface for my sem's project.
painting UserInterface on VS is realli tedious. =(
being de leader again, feeling dat de responsibilities are heavy is unavoidable i guess.
but i hope i can be a better leader dis time round, a leader who will give support to her members and lead de team well.

i'm still not used to my new hairstyle.
de straightness, de bang, de overall look.
& it's night class 2moro again. =(
btw, my eyes are closing soon~
oops, wat a long post today...

finally, i noe wat my heart realli wants.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:16 PM.

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