Thursday, May 27, 2010

hye peeps.
i'm back...

today is my last day of attachment.
it feels like whenever waiting to return to singapore whenever i go overseas.
i can't believe 3months jus past like dis.
there'll be no nice farewell soo i guess i'll be leaving quietly.

anyway, i'm feeling super lousy today.
my dad shouted at me yst for rushing my bro home.
it wasn't even my fault luh.
i was jus conveying my mum's message to ask my bro wat time will he back home.
and my bro, over de other end of de phone was giving me attitude as well.
oh well, i realli wana noe wat have i done wrong man.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:49 AM.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hillo everybody!
how's everyone?

i'm happi becoz my attachment is ending is 2 days' time.
i'm down becoz i'm starting to miss dis place.

dis place never fails to piss me off soo why am i missing a single bit of thing here.
i would like to noe it myself too.
i wanted soo much to return to school even if i noe i'm gonna get stressed up by coding.
but somehow i wanted dis 2 days to pass slower, jus a little slower will do.
i guess it's becoz i dun get as stressed up as i do in school dat makes my heart sway.
i have to think dis way in order to get me going.
when i realli missed a place or someone, i will get veri veri veri emotional, trust me.
jus like when i left tcc, i was real emotional for quite some time.
i hope dat de history won't repeat itself.

not talking about attachment, let's talk about my meetup wif gl ba.
yes i met up wif my polymate, gl.
you guys won't be unfamiliar wif gl and my BFF, hn.
they are those people soo important to you dat you will never forget them.
we had a great catchup session, although we're gonna see each other during FYP too.
i can't imagine we walked all de way from 313 to fareast.
as usual, i was de spendthrift one while gl was de opposite.

ohya! i wore veri formal today.
though i'm supposed to wear formal everyday except Fridays.
i wore a loong sleeve shirt plus long pants plus heels.
jus like how i would dress for de final presentation.
and de weather is torturous luh.
i was perspiring all de way on de way to work.
Angelia and SH have real good bearing power. Haa.

LO will be visiting me and SH 2moro!
his appearance won't make much diff now actually.
but i still respect him coz SH has been saying dat he's nice.
for thursday, i'll be having dinner wif my mum and bro.
thanks to the 'Eat wif ur Family Day', i'll be released by an hour earlier.
and i'm realli eating wif my family. LOL!
how cute dis place can be huh?

oh well, i think i'm updating jus for de sake of updating.
why is it like dat huh?!
aiya but who cares man.
dis's my blog and i'll update it as and when i like.
alright i should get going le.
i'll be back soon!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:11 PM.

Friday, May 21, 2010

hye peeps!
miss me? definitely not coz i jus updating yst! LOL!

i'm soo happi today!
coz my supervisor commented dat my IPP report is well written!
since de past 10weeks, dis's de first time i heard such a nice thing from them.
i think my report is soo touching and i'm soo moved. AHAHA!
though SH insisted dat my report sounds like sucking up to them.
but who cares man!
i had spent soo much effort in dis report lor.

LO will be visting me next week for de last time in NCS.
he'll be coming at 9 which means i cannot be late!
i'm practically reaching at 9 recently.
yes ar! next week will be de last week of my attachment!
i seriously have no idea how did i manage to survive through de 3months.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:55 PM.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

yes, it's me again!
it's my blog of coz it'll be only me, me and me luh.

there'll be early dismissal next thursday!
it's becoz NCS they have dis "Eat wif ur Family Day".
we'll get to leave at 5. Haa.

activities for de next 2weeks will be real packed i guess.
i'll be meeting gl dis sat.
it's been quite some time since de last time i had met her.
though she has a show to catch at 6:45, we should have sufficient time for some catchup.
i missed dis companion who never fails to accompany me through my difficult times during poly days.
as for next long weekend, i'll be having a nice haircut wif my mum.
i'm definitely not gonna bring dis messy hair of mine to school.
it will take up a day or watsoever soo all shopping needs to be settled by dis week.

honestly speaking, i'm not prepared for fypj.
i noe it won't be easy, there'll be deadlines to meet.
no one likes to be pressurize by deadlines.
it represents ur failure or success:(

any idea wat am i doing now?
i'm daydreaming!
it's not dat i have nothing to do but i seriously dun feel like doing anything for de next 2weeks.
why i'm feeling dat my life is kinda messed up?
am i using de right word, "messed up"?
i dun noe wat to do, where to go, who to find.
my priorities are not giving me any discipline.
i practically slept at work yst!
dis isn't my life or is dis actually my life?
not following a daily routine but leading a carefree and freedom day.
maybe i'll have an answer soon...

PS: 5 more days!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:11 PM.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it was my bro's graduation ceremony yst!
de whole family practically woke up as de usual time.
it doesn't feels like i'm not going for work luh.
but since it's bro's big day den i shall forgive him. Haa!

we had breakfast at koufu and it makes me feel like i'm in school!
holding on to de 4 precious tickets, we thought we'll be able to capture de whole ceremony.
however, we were rejected to enter de hall as they claim de hall was already overcrowded.
we were den directed to another authorium to watch de ceremony through a projector.
de feeling is seriously damm lousy.
you wouldn't noe how disappointed we were.
all thanks to those VIPs@!@!

de ceremony ended at 12plus and dad dropped us off at vivo.
definitely we didn't watch shrek luh.
but we bought many dvds and had pepper lunch for dinner!
i guess dat's de happiest thing dat had happened yst.

a bit of random stuffs again.
1. i had been realli addicted to de chipmunks songs lately.
real addicted as i had been only playing their songs in my mp3.
2. counting down to another 6 more working days!
and LO will be visiting me next wed at 9am.
3. my fat pig is getting naughtier each day.
but de problem is dat she kinda overweight i think.
or is she supposed to fat?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:27 AM.

Monday, May 17, 2010

walo peeps!
today's monday but i'm having any monday blues.
coz there's no work 2moro!

it's my bro's graduation luh.
i was damm disappointed when i thought i noe i won't be able to attend.
interns are not entitled wif any leaves or offdays.
all thanks to labour day huh!
and mum says we'll watch shrek4 after bro's graduation but shrek's only out on thursday.
wat a sotong mum i has.
anyway i'm glad dat at least my mum still watches cartoons wif me. Haa.

Angelia and SH should be doing their IPP report right now.
guess wat i had been doing since morning?
dun worri, i'm not slacking alright!
i was looking for suitable bachelor courses for my university study.
business courses are definitely more down-to-earth and readily available courses.
however counting figures is not my forte.
unlike business courses, Food Technology is only available in part-time.
i turned to Psychology instead.
i'm sure dat studying human minds will be much better den reading figures though human minds will be much more complicated.
moreover by den, i would have made up my mind whether to join de teaching force or not.

3/4 of de working hours has passed.
it's 3plus now and i'm leaving office in 3hrs' time.
i can't wait to reach home to play wif my beloved fat pig!

PS: i have dis huge pimple on my face!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:47 PM.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

yes, i'm back again!
i think i'll be updating my blog everyday:)

ever since i finished wif de interface thingy, nothing interest me anymore.
i'm realli sick and tired of those javascripts and vbscripts.
right now, i'm planning to slack all de way till attachment ends.
since i had been working hard for de past 10weeks, it's time i'll have some breathing space for myself.
soo for de next 2weeks, i'm gonna request to do up my report.
although i think my report is kinda completed. LOL!
but who cares man!
reading a book is definitely much better den reading those scripts luh.

i'm starting to read up Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
it's quite an inspirational book.
go read it! strongly recommended!
i'm still not finished wif Kasandra Kong's This Is My Story and 红楼梦.
i have soo many books to complete. Haa!

today is thursday, which marks de last 9days i am wif NCS.
reason for it being, 28th is a public holiday and next tuesday is my bro's graduation.
due to labour day fell on a sat, i am entitled an Off-In-Lieu.
and i'm using it to claim my bro's graduation day.

bro's graduating from SP le, i'm next.
honestly speaking, i have no idea wat course should i take for my further studies.
psychology? arts & social science? pathology?
i'm only interested in science courses which are veri academical.
i noe myself dat i'm a lazy bum.
academical subjects will only pressurize me more.
i might sound a little uncomplacent here coz i need not have to worri about de fees and stuffs.
i'm fortunate to be born in a family where money for education is never an issue.
i guess my dad has put aside a pile of money since many grandmother years ago jus for our today's education.
he noes veri well dat we can't survive wif jus a mere diploma where de whole market is already flooded wif it.

anyway, i'm knocking off from work soon, like in 30mins time.
i hope to meet my girls soon but somehow everyone's busy wif their stuffs.
sweet is busy wif moving house and attachment.
sy is busy wif assignments and projects.
gl is busy wif attachment.

dat means, there are no events for me dis weekend.
i shall be a good girl and stay home dis weekend!

wat a long post for today huh:)
alright, off i go now... cya!

PS: you're my eye-candy!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:16 PM.

Monday, May 10, 2010

hye people, i'm back!
today's working environment is soo diff from de other days.
it's becoz everyone had gone out to attend NCS's Conference at suntec.
which means i'm left all alone at de office luh.
there's only me and some bangala workers.
wat a good arrangement huh?!
de office is realli quiet now. Haa.
it's kinda good coz no one bothers me now.
though Angelia is in de department right beside mine, soo near yet soo far!

i'm listening to de chipmunks songs now.
i'm a hardcore fan of de chipmunks alright!
soo rock n roll sia.
but it definitely perks me up man.

ohya! i had been out for de last weekend.
we had a great lunch on sat for Monday's Day:)
bought some treats for my fat pig as well.
she's jus oh soo lovable!

if i'm not mistaken there's godzilla tonight.
i hope i can reach home by 6:45pm.
i had watched it for quite a few times but some shows jus dun turn me off.

PS: you're jus another jerk

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:20 PM.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

i'm not feeling good today.
whole day's mood jus got spoilt like dis.

have you ever been through something like ur effort is not being appreciated?
if there is a kind of eyes dat can read through people's mind, i would like to have one.
de first person i will wana read through will be my family.
i'm not feeling angry, i'm jus disappointed once again.
no one listens, no one bothers, no one cares.
it isn't a formality, it's a discussion.
how can a discussion continue when there's only one person talking?
i hate it when people jus tell me a yes/no answer without giving me de reason.
haven't you all realize dat i might get sick and tired of all these one day?
and i'm honestly getting exhausted from all these nonsense from you all already.
i'm being accommodating, not a push-over alright.
get dis fact right first before telling me off.

i'm totally not in de mood of working right now.
every single thing jus pissed me off.
i jus hate it when people take ur existence for granted.
why shouldn't i receive de amount of respect i should have?
i'm not born to become a princess in dis family but neither am i a maid.

PS: why does it always have to be me?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:08 AM.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

hye peeps! i'm back to my space again.
i had been real busy wif work lately.
you can see dat coz i've been updating my space.
and yes, finally things are calming down now after.
it'll be jus some editing work, bits and pieces.
javascript kills!

how's life? bad worse worst still.
i wasn't able to attend my polymates birthday celebrations all these while.
i feel seriously bad about it, utterly bad.
i missed out de fun man.
when will i be back to those normal days again?

dis 3months aren't normal days...
i'm not spending time wif my fat pig.
i'm not spending time wif myself.
i'm not spending time wif my friends.
i'm not spending time wif my books.
i'm not spending time wif my family.

no worries, i'll be back in school in less den 1month's time.
i can't wait to go back, soo does my attachment-mates.
school is still de best place of all.

alright, i guess it's time for me to head back to work again.
i'll be back here again, veri soon!

PS: damn it!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:32 PM.

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