Monday, July 27, 2009

there's some posting problem wif blogger again.
soo right now, i'm blogging in school.

yst's work was pretty fun.
coz it was all about food, food and FOOD!
food tasting session for de new menu.
i was at de 1st group wif Taha, LiYan, Impian, EeFatt, HuiRu and Rum.
however, only 4 of us survived till de end.
honestly speaking, not all de new dishes are nice but they are worth trying.
went home wif a super BLOATED stomach.

work at previous day was pretty harsh.
i was supposed to end work at 8:30 but extended till closing unwillingly.
there wasn't time to rest at all.
reached home around 11, total KO.

christ, dat old lady i used to detest, got transferred to wisma.
she realli a nice lady but reality is jus like dis.
sam quit too.
dave left for a better offer.
people come and go.
i take things easy now though they were once de people i was close wif.

i'll be working from 2days/weekend to 1day/weekend starting from next month.
i wana focus more on my studies.
exams are jus around de corner.
i think, i need to get my mood ready on for exams.
and after exams, i will play hard.

thanks for everything, ♥.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:26 AM.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

wanted to blog yst but somehow blogger had some problem.
finished off wif vb's last 25% practical test.
i think, i kinda screwed up de paper.
anyway, it's all over already.

i'm having another practical test later, iptnet.
de one i dreaded de most.
all de command, EIGRP, router rip, interface, serial, fastethernet, ping...
i can predict there are lots of revision for me to follow up for de upcoming exam.

chatting wif Khabir now, my 4E classmate. =)
dun worri, i still remember you!
he's also working at tcc now.
how coincidence...

it needs 2 hands to clap.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:00 PM.

Friday, July 17, 2009

it had been almost getting to a week ever since my last post.
school days had been pretty normal.
however, there's more and more workload.
afterall, it's a diploma.

polymates and i went to celebrate Shakih's birthday on wed after school.
had BREEKS@MarinaSquare.
headed to Bugis to get de BirthdayBoy a birthday present.
he decided on a BillabongBag@77Streets. =)

collected my mp3.
a thousands of appreciation to MR.WANGZHILI and MISS.TANGEOKLAN.
both of them had been accompanying me always.
i'm glad to have de both of them by my side.
i seldom have soo steady friends jus like them.

ohya. i lost my atm card today.
jus after i deposited my pay.
anyway, i terminated it already. =)
i'm getting my card replaces asap.

gonna have steamboat@ZhenFa@Novena tomorrow.
de last time i had it was wif sweet and ED.
dis time, coz it is mum's birthday today.
i bought a GreenTeaCake on de way back today.
here's dis bakery shop beside Isetan's supermarket which sells veri nice cakes.
especially their GreenTeaCake.
it always get Item86.
Item86 is our language in tcc to represent dishes dat are temporary Out-Of-Stock.

alright, i jus received de form to get myself a taford injection.
if you noe me well, i can be strong on de outside but not in front of a ject.
i can imagine de situation. =(((

i hope it's realli a new start.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:12 PM.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i realised my previous post was tuesday.
how fast, it's sunday already.

had some VBquiz during VB's lecture on thursday.
and, i haven't been attending my lectures for de past whole 1week.
i feel guilty, seriously.
i noe, a million reasons mean a million excuses.
i promise, i will try my best to attend as many lectures as possible in de upcoming weeks.

2moro's week13.
final presentation at week17. =(
i realli need help in de java project larh.
exams den holidays.
time's passing real fast.
dun noe is it something good or something bad.

dad's preparing lunch now.
i had to rush for work at 12.
starting work at 1, ending at 6:30.
yst's work kinda fun.
everyone's soo friendly and happi.
i kinda offended a customer by making a stupid remark.
i hope she doesn't complain me or i'll be dead. =(

i can't let go of you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:09 AM.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

back to some updates...

was out wif sweet.
had some light lunch at Junction8.
happened to meet sweet's mum and sis.
we headed to Tampines1.
long journey but not a single sense of boreness.
as usual, we had lots of fun.
train-ed home around 7.

mum left for malaysia early in de morning.
i had work till 6.30.
i was de host of de day, challenging huh.
without mum, we had dinner outside instead.
dad came to fetch me went it started to pour heavily.
we had some 'international buffet' at de HolidayInn Hotel.
however, we paid for a painful experience.
it wasn't international buffet at all.
it's like some hotel breakfast buffet.
totally not worth de price at all, 50bucks/person.

mp3 died on me.
it's only 3months old.
i have to head all de way down to TohGuan@JurongEast.
fortunately, MrWangZhili is bringing me down 2moro.
however, i have to skip IPNET's lecture 2moro coz his class ends at 11. =(

i would appreciate if you could jus leave me alone.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:45 PM.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

miserable, terrible, horrible.
i rather attend school. =(
i have yet to finish many assignments.
anyway, another 2 more days and everything's gonna end.

not meeting sweet today.
she seems to be pretty busy nowadays.
work and school stuffs.
seriously, i missed her...

polymates informing me to attend jovi's birthday celebration bbq at ben's house tonight.
but i doubt i can make it.
i'm not feeling dat well actually.
if i'm feeling better, i promise i'll make it.

right now, i'm trying hard to download dis stupid software jus to do sequence diagram assignment.
it's taking like ahma years to finish downloading.
only 28% after 30mins.
how slow...

mum's out now to buy dinner.
she's not cooking.
how sad...
she always say she's tired of cooking.
i guess soo too.

从头到尾, 我喜欢的只有你...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:40 PM.

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