Monday, November 27, 2006

realli dun noe nowadays wat 2 blog about... hm... early in de mornin received sharon sms 2 call her chat chat... den brother keep usin de phone coz he huntin jobs recently... finally can call her le den in de end she reached her workplace liao... lol... soo we chatted in msn instead le... den hui ping online... helped her in her blog... a bit of rearrangin and addin stuffs like a tagboard and links... i also changed de songs 4 her coz de songs her blog previously had soo not suits her blogskin... changed all 2 goong songs... dun noe whether she will like it ma... i think dat's all i did 4 2day le ba... com keep hangin den made me soo frustrated lor... keep restartin veri angry de leh... sharon ask me 2 entertain her but looks like she entertain me more den i entertain her... missing bao zhu aka boyfriend alot alot... dun noe how's she doin le... soo long never see pei ling too... and never 2 be 4gotton, sharon... miss them ya...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:25 PM.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

* requested by sandy 2 do dis quiz...
1) Name 7 things that scares me...?
- cockroach
- lizard
- bee
- nightmare
- darkness
- handphone calls
- no $$$
2) Name 7 favourite music at the moment...?
- fate
- ying wu - howl
- u & i r stupid - stay
- perhaps love - howl & j
- hips dun lie - shakira ft wyclef jean
- jing wu men - luo zhi xiang
- tokyo drift - teriyaki boyz
3) Name 7 people i fancy...?
- emelia
- sandy
- sharon
- adeline
- pei ling
- angie
- vinson phua
4) Name 7 things i said most...?
- okie la
- ai yoi
- anything
- i alright de
- faster faster
- later cher scold
- i scared ma
5) Name 7 things i like most...?
- com
- handphone
- friends
- blog
- food
- bags
- shoes

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:52 AM.

Friday, November 24, 2006

2day my brother recommand me a korea youtube show... i seriously recommand who have nothin 2 do 2 watch dis shows... it's soo damm funny shows... i believe they can keep u entertained de...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@1:46 PM.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

2day angklung practice we went 2 RGS instead... practice was okie okie lor... but i damm pissed off la... it's like hello, putri is our SYF song lor den u all play until like dat... u noe i noe who r these people la hor... okie den after practice we went 2 plaza sing... 1ed bao zhu aka boyfriend 2 go de den she sae she busy playin her basketball... never mind... i can understand dat de... i noe basketball is veri de important in ur life... me and angelia and sharon and hui ping went 2 have our lunch at yoshinoya... hahaha... gossip and gossip and gossip... from eatin until eat finish we r still gossipin... u noe i noe... gossip content is a secret okie... den we found out 1 veri big secret... hui ping de chinese standard is damm good lor... noe how 2 use 'mao gu song ran' dis chinese verb... wow... we're soo impressed... dis girl ar... chinese still get distinction leh... not bad not bad... there's a bright future in front of u de, dun worri... hahaha...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:39 PM.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2day angklung practice was held in STC... early in de mornin we met at tiong bahru mrt station de passenger service area be4 goin 2 STC... de practice was okie okie la... not realli veri fun but not realli damm borin... was moderate... den received a sms from pei ling askin me 4 de popular card coz she goin buy textbook 4 next year at popular ma... in de end i checked dat my popular card expire liao... too bad le lor pei ling... too late liao... anyway still need thanks baozhu aka boyfriend 4 informin me about de bag thing... i promise u i will reconsider okie... coz i also dun 1 be left out ma...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:35 PM.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

i'm finally back from camp le... now i understand wat's home sweet home liao... soo tired but dun noe why jus simply can't get 2 sleep... had a lot of fun durin de camp.... got happi, got bitter... de most important is dat i enjoyed dis camp a lot... i 4ever won't 4get dis camp de... let me briefly explain wat happened in de camp ba... day 1 was soo soo... we reported at 8... my dad brought me 2 school de... brought quite few things compared 2 friends la... den we started practicing le lor... den we had SAC wif us from 2-5... knew a SAC girl called jo en... we all call her miss lim coz easier 2 remember ma... she's quite a quiet girl la compared 2 me... night time even fun... i was sleepin while my other friends were chattin... den i was awaken... all of them were frightened by my look... hahaha... den they called my ju-on... angelia was too tramatised by me le den i think i made her had a nightmare ba... day 2 was fun... den funniest thing dat happened on de 2nd day was dat... i was wearin a orange jacket... den angie den pillow is also orange soo they made me had de pillow overlap my head... i look soo stupid la... soo i'm realli a true potato le lor... wif a potato head and human body... took a lot of photos after dat... night time we had adriel and claris... brought in quite much laughters too... every1 was too tired and exhausted le soo we had a much earlier night den ever... but in de end we woke up late le... soo we were late 4 our mornin workouts le lor... day 3 was sian coz every1 is tired and totally worn out le... me and angelia break de time was nappin... den fawzie suddenly came in2 de temask room... luckily sharon called us 2 wake up leh... soo we performed our SYF piece 4 her... think she's quite satisfied ba... these should be all about it le ba... de things dat happened in de camp... i realli treasure de fun moments durin dis camp although there r also hard times when we had 2 practise and practise until we get it right... but dat's does not matters coz it's de process... process is normally de hardest 2 get through... but once de results is satisfactory, all these hard work is worth it de... hope dat chers' efforts 2 organise dis camp won't be wasted... i believe wif dis camp, we r closer 2 our aims even more now le...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:38 PM.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

* requested by crystal 2 do dis quiz...
Can you name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people (not in order).
1) Sharon Toh
2) Sandy
3) Crystal
4) Mei Hua
5) Pei Ling
6) Pei Ying
7) Adeline
8) Jason
9) Emelia
10) Vinson Phua
11) Kayya
1. How did you meet 10...?
- classmates in de primary school
2. What would you do if you had never met 6...?
- cry
3. What would you do if 6 and 2 dated...?
- both of them r girls anyway
4. Have you ever seen 4 cry...?
- nopes
5. Do you think 1 is pretty...?
- yupps, internal beauty
6. Tell me something about 11...
- calm & steady
7.How do you know 8..?
- classmates
8. Would you ever go on a date with Number 5...?
- yupps
9. What's 7's favourite colour...?
- not sure
10. What would you do if 2 confessed he like you...?
- frightened coz she's girl
11. Fact about 9...
- tall
12. Who is 6 going out with...?
- not sure
13. Who is Number 5 to you...?
- classmate & veri good friend
14. Would you ever live with 11...?
- nopes
15. Is 2 single...?
- yupps
16. How much does 3 mean to you...?
- she's my friend
17. What do you think about 1...?
- she's a happi pie
18. What's the best thing about Number 8...?
- gentleman
19. What do you dislike about Number 10...?
- nothing ba coz he's a good guy

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:24 AM.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

soo sian at home... den emelia went off 2 genting again... no 1 2 talk 2 in msn le... emelia ar emelia... faster come back leh... i veri sian in singapore leh... go play also never inform me... must share share ma... de days in singapore is like soo liveless... but luckily angklung camp is comin soon le soo i think dat's de only event i'm lookin 4ward ba... after dat i must start doin all my holiday assements le... dun noe wat's more 2 blog le... oh ya... i watch finish 'wang zi bian qing wa' le... i still remember de last time i watched was like quite some time ago le... den now is like recap... it's still de same word 2 describe it and de word is, 'nice'... hahaha...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:23 AM.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2day angklung was fun de lor... morning de time dun noe wat happen 2 mei mei... i talk 2 her den she dun reply me... i thought i did something wrong again le den make her angry... soo i kept quiet lor... but heng heng... luckily she got talk 2 me afterall... although she got talk 2 me but i can sense dat she's kind of avoiding me... i think is i think too much liao... maybe she have some problems or thinking of things ba... den during angklung was fun... we practised 2 songs... quizas quizas quizas and warung projak... hahaha... we finally did it le... yeah...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:12 PM.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hais... soo sian... didn't blog 4 quite a few days liao... nothing 2 blog about ma... review about wat i did yesterday ba... yesterday got angklung practice... waited msTOH and mei mei at ite bus-stop... den dis msTOH dun noe is never take medicine or something happen 2 ur brain la... once she dropped off de bus, she start getting soo high liao... den angklung practice is held in 3e classroom coz of o'levels... hahaha... dat's our class... suddenly felt soo emtional coz next year will not be in dat classroom liao... dat classroom consists of happi and sad memories of mine... soo sian lor... miss faridah keep teaching about those notes... climbling up de stairs den down de stairs... dun quite realli understand... den break de time mei mei took my handphone and starting laming liao... coz her handphone no camera ma den she used mine lor... i was fine wif it... den we secretly took a photo of mdm z when she was taking de attendence... after angklung i went bookshop buy my books 4 next year... asked de uncle 2 packed de books 4 me first coz my dad not there yet... waited 4 my dad 4 about 10 mins... in de end all de books only cost about 28 bucks... hahaha... de cheapest i've ever met wif... when we went off de time, i saw yz playing basketball wif his friends... i dun noe whether he got notice me and my dad or not but dat does not matters liao, isn't... i saw him did pause 4 a moment la... i felt a bit bad 2wards mei mei and angie la... coz i didn't pei them ma... let mei mei go back alone after angklung practice... den made angie alone at de canteen de time... hope dat they will understand...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@12:32 PM.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

* requested by sandy 2 do dis quiz...
1) Are you a chinese or english freako...?
- a chinese freako
2) If time is going to stop, what will you possibly do for that time...?
- not too sure
3) Prefer a playpool or playground...?
- a playpool
4) Do you usually gossip others, or being gossiped...?
- both ba
5) Do you like simple or complicated stuffs...?
- i like simple stuffs but i will complicate stufs
6) Do you tackle numbers better, or alphabets...?
- both ba
7) What makes you pissed off...?
- strong bullies weak
8) How's your childhood...?
- okie okie, not too bad also
9) Do you have inspiration without perspiration...?
- nopes, all inspiration i had needed perspiration...
10) Do you think 24 hours is too long, short or just okay...?
- jus okie
11) Would you judge people by their appearance...?
- nopes, internal beauty is more crucial
12) What is attractive in your eyes...?
- not too sure
13) Do you like the day or night...? Explain why...
- day, coz parents r not @ home
14) Do you treasure stuffs that you own, or you have insatiable desires...?
- my own stuffs of coz
15) If your computer just hanged up, with a long long document not being saved, how will you react...?
- angry but still will get it redone
16) Do you believe in miracles, or was it longed predestined...?
- i believed in miracles more
17) Do you often tend to forget about the past, or trying hard to do so...? What are you trying to forget...?
- trying hard 2 4get those sad memories
18) In your mind, why colours are out here...?
- 2 brighten up de world and world
19) Have you ever pity those who are real pitiful, and shed tears for them...? For example...
- yupps, old grandmothers bein bullied by their grandchildren
20) Describe yourself as in attitude...?
- paranoid
21) Do you suddenly lose the grasp of hope to survive as yet...?
- yupps
22) Give 3 advantages when you get to live...?
- get 2 have good friends, eat and enjoy life
23) What is your ambition in life...?
- open my own shoe and bag shop
24) Do you believe in horoscope...? For example...
- okie okie la, i'm piseces
25) Describe music in your life...
- music is able 2 calm down my mind
26) Which country you would like to go when you can afford it...?
- germany ba
27) What do you think blogging is about...?
- online diary lor
28) What kind of style you are trying to get hold of...?
- dis is me
29) When you fail a test, how will you react...?
- shocked ba

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:10 AM.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

2day i suddenly receive a sms from yz... how should i react leh... in de end i didn't reply him... i'm quite glad dat he didn't continue floodin my inbox... at de mean time, i managed 2 contact 1 of my primary school friend... hahaha... i'm soo happi... at least i didn't lost all of them... i thought i will coz i lost my handphone den all de contacts lost le ma... luckily i still have their msn... had a fun time on msn talkin 2 him... we chatted all stuffs... goin meet him soon... for about 3 years we didn't see each other le... dun noe whether his face got much change ma... de most important is dat his character better dun change... coz he used 2 be de most gentleman in our class...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:28 PM.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2day after angklung i went out wif mei mei 2 makan... hahaha... makan finish we go shoppin... i 1ed 2 buy a small pillow 2 bring 2 de angklung camp but i couldn't find... luckily thanks 2 mei mei brought me 2 GIANT and buy... hahaha... soo cheap... we saw in other shops sellin @ a much more expensive price lor... thanks mei mei... help me save $$$... realli indeed save quite alot... we have KFC... in KFC we chatted alot... on de way there in de bus also chatted alot... we practically chatted anything in dis world... hahaha... had a veri great time wif her... den be4 we went off, sharon reminded me 2 take good care of mei mei ar and i did... raining den we share umbrella ma... i didn't let her drench lor... but i still a bit guilty coz i should have lend her my umbrella when we parted... but somehow i feel quite disappointed wif dis person dat scold mei mei in mei mei's blog lor... i feel dat dis person is soo childish lor... i think dat dis type of people is practically brainless... ai ya... mei mei jia you... dun care about dis person sae... as long as ur conscious is clear can le... dun bother dis kind of person... they r practically nothing better 2 do...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:09 PM.

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