Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm damm freaking tired can?! think char even more tired den me ba?! lol! managed to catch some sleep yst night! peace finally! ahaha! you guys wouldn't noe how easy i'm feeling now! but i'm still tired la! ahaa! at least there's no more stones in my heart le coz i had let all de stones out! jus feeling pretty bad towards qi min! hope dat he will be fine yea?! btw, i gotta buck up on my studies le! next week gonna have another java quiz which will be 2 times tougher den quiz 1 and 2moro will be having de html quiz! omg! next week also needa submit our personal profile website and communications skills de technical writing assignment! soo many things to do but yet soo little time to complete! lol!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

to cutiepie:
girl, i would be soo lost without you today. thanks for always being there for me. you wouldn't noe how much you mean to me. you are de first i wana approach whenever i met any difficulties coz i noe you'll be always there to lend me a helping hand. i never regret knowing you truely. you are indeed de best buddy i had in nyp le. your shoulder and hug seems soo warm to me. loveya!
to winna jiemei:
boy, although i'm like always going opposite ways wif you, you should noe dat i'm on purpose de. i dun mean wat i say to you. i jus like disturbing you coz i noe you wouldn't mind. indeed, my life in nyp became much more meaningful wif you around. you are always there for us. i have to admit dat we are quite troublesome at times, but you would still complete de tasks we gave you. i bet de other jiemeis will agree wif wat i'm saying now. i hope dat you will find ur dream girl soon, a girl who will realli appreciate ur good!
to hui ning jiemei:
jiemei, you never fail to cheer me up whenever i'm down. even when i'm crying, de thought of you would make me laugh le. you are de first person in my life who keeps calling me '智障', but dis's also wat dat bonded us together right?! i'm pretty glad dat you are starting to love our class. ahaha! continue to stay happi yea?! loveya!
our class girls!

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okie i'm here today to update something! something dat had been bothering me for de past 2 days! it's de story between Y and me!
Y and me had been total strangers till 2weeks ago we started talking. he started to tell me stuffs about he and his girlfriend. i wana emphasize dat we were jus FRIENDS! till few days ago, he confessed to me saying dat he likes me while he was still attached. i was shocked initially but i kept quiet coz i feel dat nothing is concerning about me. he broke up wif his girlfriend on sunday and called me straight away coz he told me he was sad. i accompanied him on de phone, wif non other feelings. he assumed dat i had de same feelings he had for me. i thought things out and told him dat i won't give him any chance on monday coz i confirmed i had no feel towards him. i didn't want him to waste time on me. things started to go haywire since yst. in my thought of view, i have no feelings for him but in his thought of view, he thinks dat he had sacrificed a lot for me by breaking up wif his girlfriend and wanted me to appreciate. de main point is dat he's doing a lot of stupid and silly things dat realli makes me afraid and scared of him. he thinks dat by doing all these stuffs would change my mind but i'm realli irritated by his doings. when i didn't answer his call or reply his messages, he called up my house in de middle of de night. i'm feeling pretty stressed up by all his actions, which he soo called as "trying to coax me"?! i'm soo afraid of him dat i needa avoid him when i'm in school and leaving home much earlier den usual coz he would appear waiting for me at my house's void-deck. i realli feel damm freaking stressed up can?! i realli hope dat he can stop all these stupid stuffs. i jus want my normal life back! leave me alone can?! treat it as if i'm begging you le! leave me alone or else you dun regret wat actions i'll take next. dun take my silence for granted. i say wat i mean. you dun deserve my respect if you continue to be like dis. respect me and i'll respect you back. be a man can?!
indeed he realli spoils my day! my blood will start boiling when mentioning about him ar! freak you la! i jus wana catch a movie wif my classmates peacefully also cannot! ohya! many many photos! for more photos can go to charlene's blog! ahaha! my classmates are realli damm nice people can?! they realli helped me a lot! think without them i'll be even lost ba?! ahaha!

dis girl is charlene(2cm taller den me)!
dis girl is yu ling!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

2moro will be our IT0805's class outing! yeah! ahah! ^^ super looking forward to it coz first time almost de whole class soo steady! but before dat needa finish off wif communication skills role play presentation! it's been ages since de last time i presented a role play le! wonder how will be de outcome! lol! oops! 2moro is de starting of week7 le! time realli past damm fast in poly can?! actually it's better for me coz like dat my imagination won't run wild again le! haha!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

pretty confused wif some stuffs! didn't realli sleep well again! headache~ i need a listening ear, a shoulder and someone who can cheer me up! both of you are making my life upside down! haha! got lots of assignments needa do! all needa hand in before week8 and it's jus 2 weeks ahead nia! quizzes coming up too! small percentage but important kkz! think everyone also stress liao! monday will be communication skills role play presentation le! omg! jiayou jiemeis~! ^^

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

yst was e-learning day soo no need to go school! afternoon went geylang polyclinic and visited my colleagues who were still working there! stayed a while and headed to macpherson sec! met meimei during angklung! ahaha! stayed there for around 30mins jiu quickly cab down to nyp le! was like chit-chatting wif de cab uncle! found out dat he also from macpherson sec de! reached nyp around 4 and went to met my parents! went inside de authorium without seeing my sis! finally spotted my sis but there was dis super huge guy sitting in front of my sis and we wouldn't able to take a snap-shot of her! in de end dad went towards her and took some photos of her! lol! ceremony started and there was dis guest-of-honour same name and same surname wif me! feeling damm proud but it wasn't me afterall! ahah! when sis was preparing to go on stage, we realised something! sis was too small to be seen! lol! she looked realli damm small on de stage can?! after ceremony, we went straight for refreshments coz we were realli hungry! sis's stomach was also groaning le! took many many photos! sis finally graduate le! next 2 years will be bro at sp and de following year will be me at nyp and de next following year down will sis again at uk! omg! time is passing super fast can?!
sis & me! her big day!our family portrait!family portrait 2!family portrait 3!family portrait 4!sis & me again!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

sian-ing at home now! damm slack today! ahaha! finally~ practical assignment almost completing le! yeah! left one more webpage! but there are still other projects! lol! communication skills and web design and marketing! quizes are also coming up~ sian-ed! i seemed to be addicted to jay chou's latest concert! keep watching sia! he's damm talented can?! ahah! he looks damm cool when playing de piano! okie okie fine wif jay chou le! lol! ordered by miss wong must bring laptop to school 2moro! tuesday long day sia! sian-ed again!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

okie heard another good news from shar today again! she decided to give edwin one last chance! happi for them! afterall, they still love each other! anyway, i'm trying hard to occupy myself wif lots and lots of work coz i dun wish go emo again! poly's work is jus enough for me to bear le! only by keeping myself busy, i will not go think of those negative stuffs! i'm trying another time to forget de pain! although i dun noe will it be succesful dis time, at least i had tried again! girls, i'm realli fine! i'm no longer dat childish thinking girl anymore! i will noe how to think for myself de! at least i won't go do silly stuffs le! no worries~ ahaha! a busy week ahead! ohya! ah seng gonna treat me my favourite ice-cream! yeah!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

met up wif my clique dis afternoon! we went jurong east shopping centre! meimei den went off first to meet her friend! spend quite some time arcade-ing! lol! but it was fun! memories wif him came back at arcade de time! it's been ages ever since de last time we went out as a clique le! finally went out as a clique after soo soo long! peiling's friend is humorous dao~ while shar's friend is quiet dao~ peiling and her friend can fight liao! i think add another shar too! de 3 of them can form de humorous club le! i still needa brush up my skills before i can join their club! lol! overall, i jus wana say is dat i realli had a good time wif them! although i was pretty tired as i didn't realli have much sleep coz i was doing my project till 12, i never regret coming out today! short meetup but memorable yea?! my clique rocks up my life can?!

a message for keaipangnvren:

girl, i noe you didn't want de hurt to be greater dat's why you decided to end off dis relationship. i believe you had definitely made serious considerations before coming to dis conclusion. i jus wana let you noe dat no matter wat decision you had made, i'll support you de. not coz you are my friend but coz i noe you are now a girl who has de great interests of heart for de person you realli care and love. i'm glad to see dat you had grown to become much more matured in handling relationship stuffs. no matter wat, jus remember i'll be always here for you jus like how you were there for me when my life dropped from heaven to hell. you are de most important girl in my life and it's a fact dat will never change! cheerup my girl!

a message for peiling:

girl, i'm realli happi for you dat you entered NAFA finally! ahaha! i realli miss ur jokes a lot! miss those days when we would crap like nobody's business in class wif shar and adel! days in class had indeed become livelier wif you around! you are de happi pie in my life! also, ur birthday cards indeed warms up people's heart! i never regret knowing you girl! de path in front of you will be getter tougher tougher but i believe you will be able to overcome it coz you are peiling! nothing is impossible for peiling de! put in effort and you will be able to get wat you wish!

a message for adel:
girl, it had been ages since i had seen you de last time! i realli miss you a lot can?! you are forever de busy woman in my life! lol! though i only noe you for like 2years plus, you are my great confidant during my secondary school days! you are like a "walking" dictionary! lol! you never fail to clear my doubts! i'm glad dat you are now wif a boy whom you realli wana treasure! meet up real soon kkz?!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

finally it's friday le! weekend moody liao! still dun noe where to hang out wif my clique 2moro~ lol! dis week like keep bringing laptop to school! lol! installed photoshop cs3 and microsoft office 2007 in my laptop le! all thanks to my dad! ahaha! ohya! everything turns out fine for winna and his girl! cheers~! pretty worried about them can?! but dun noe how's shar and her boy le! hope dat things are turning out fine for them too! think 2moro will noe de answer?! lol! we are gonna bitch till our satisfaction about everything in dis world i think?! ahaha! looking forward~

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

heard something realli bad happened to edwin aka winna aka supernanny! he snatch my 'NANNY's title! how dare he! anyway, dat's not wat i wana say! something realli bad happened to winna! hope dat he and his girl will fine! realli dun wish to see any fallen out couples le! is damm hurting can?! realised something too! a relationship isn't a responsibility and shouldn't be taken for granted! doesn't mean both of you had been together for like 10years and both of you will definitely be still together for de next 10years! a relationship must be cultivated by both parties de! a relationship will mature and strengthen at de same time when both of you are learning to be a better companion to each other! i needa stress something! i'm NOT anxious to go into another relationship coz i noe god has his own plans! he will only ask me to wait, he will never ask me to worri! i jus wana enjoy my poly life now! although it's stressful but de environment is a much more comfortable place to study and play in! getting more and more assignments to rush out le! all have to hand in by week8 and now's already like week5! omg!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:10 PM.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i think dis week is damm a freaking week for me! firstly, i forgot to bring my java lecture notes today! secondly, my laptop cannot read de lecture notes in CMS! thirdly, i screwed up my java quiz today and yst's presentation! grhs!!! think de only thing dat's smooth is completing part of de communication skills project yea?! realli hope dat 2moro and friday will be a fine day! i'm damm stress now can?! got soo many assignments coming up! i need someone to ease de burden on my shoulders! is it you?! i dun noe! ah! wat am i doing nowadays sia?! can someone just give a knock on my head?! i'm like soo blur dis week!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

presentation today wasn't a veri good one! cher says she's quite disappointed! she feels dat de previous presentation was better! overall we didn't do veri well! but since it's over already jiu dun go think too much le! we will perform better in de next presentation! everyone's pretty tired! i think i'm gonna collapse anytime?! lol! ohya! java quiz 2moro! another killer~

a message for cutiepie:
girl, dun be too discouraged! you are jus nervous and it's perfectly normal to be nervous ar! no one's blaming you! it's not ur fault either! dun take it too seriously! we'll definitely perform better de next time round yea?! let's work hard together as a team kkz?! cheerup girl!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:38 PM.

yst pretty pissed off wif some person again?! dun wana talk about it le! spoils my day only! i hate people who only see things at de surface! somemore still same project group wif him sia! have to bear wif him for dun noe how long?! sianz~ having presentation later! nervous~ lol! need wear smart, not formal! ahaha! hope there won't be any hip-ups?! had a veri weird dream last night! scary but yet sweet! lol! ohya! sat gonna hang out wif my cliques finally! it's been ages since de last time we went out 2gether as a clique le! miss them lots! excited~

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

yst woke up like 5.30am coz tennis is at 8?! reached atrium in de end cutiepie and edwin can't make it! our class except charlene, hui ning, royston and me, de rest all didn't come! called charlene and she cabbed down to school straight away sia! tennis was okie okie, seemed quite fun de but it's de cost dat realli matters! 80bucks for 10 lessons, 70bucks for racket and 60bucks for a pair of tennis shoes! omg! in de end i decided not to join le coz charlene also not joining! lol! zao at around 1 to go collect cake at amk hub! de cake is nice de lor but similarly it's ex! chiong home after dat and nap for a while coz zhen de veri tired! went out in de evening again for my mummy's next surprise!

went to john little first coz mummy wana buy clothes! finally i bought de belt i always wanted and a formal button-down blouse for tuesday's presentation! of coz, mummy also bought her clothes lor! it was dinner time soo i prompted her it's time for dinner le! soo we headed to sakura international buffet at orchard there! she shocked dao sia! ahaha! she didn't expect we already called to reserved seats beforehand! ate till veri full sia! decided to walk down to taka to ease digestion! lol! didn't buy anything at taka soo we continued walking down to wisma! finally at perlin's jewerly, i bought a heartshaped-necklace i always wanted, sis bought only necklace and gor bought mummy a ring! haha! create a lot of laughters at de shop! lol!

around 9plus reach home! damm tired! today gonna study for java quiz le! nervous again for tuesday's presentation sia! must get down to serious work liao! ohya! dad jus bought back home 'ah long pte ltd' and '3 kingdoms' vcds! shiok ar! afternoon got program le!

although tired, it was de most meaningful mother's day i had spent wif my family! i den realised dat family are de ones who wouldn't leave you when you needed them de most! will angry, will get mad wif each other, but they are de ones who wouldn't leave you in a lurch when you drop into a well! ^^

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:45 AM.

Friday, May 09, 2008

nearly late again for lecture today sia! finally friday had arrived! yeah! excited for tennis 2moro! weekend mood liao~ lol! dun noe why everytime reach dao friday me and cutiepie will be like damm restless and tired lor! 2moro gonna to be a busy day for me! after tennis gonna chiong down to collect cake! ahaha! wonder wat my mum's reaction gonna be?! gonna turn in early 2night coz tennis is at 8! damm early can?! hope dat edwin will have de mood to come and hui ning to be punctual! she actually can predict she'll be late 2moro lor! lol! ohya! i love de company of my 'jie-meis'! they rocks my life at nyp! my life will be super dull and lifeless without them in nyp!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:16 PM.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

today's makeup session on cmaths was okie okie! lecture end liao we den realised lecture de makeup session no need tap card for attendance de sia! towards de last part of de lesson, i'm already nodding off le! i even slept on de bus on de way home lor! can imagine how tired am i le ba?! continuous two days class till 6 leh! damm tired lor! conincidentally saw wei jun at de bus stop and had a short chat wif her! ahaa! didn't expect to clique wif her soo well! lol! shall continue wif our chat other days! maybe there's a sense of belonging ba coz afterall we used to come from de same secondary school! ohya! having cmaths quiz on binary dis friday den next week is java quiz and formal presentation! needa start mugging le! btw, changed my blogsong again! changed to a much more cheerful de coz i dun wana feel emo whenever i visit my blog! i'm finally making de effort to find back my smiles!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:56 PM.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

i'm loving my class zhen de more and more each day! ahaha! photos below will explain everything~ ohya! 2moro's class till 6 too! sianz~! can't wait for sat to arrive!
snap-shot 1!
snap-shot 2!
snap-shot 3!
superman 'S'?!
cutiepie's name!
snap-shot 4!
snap-shot 5! by cutiepie de!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:18 PM.

Monday, May 05, 2008

dis week like packed fully wif activities sia! coz of vesak day, there will be a makeup session for cmaths dis wed! somemore is from 4 to 6 lor! 2moro lessons from 8 to 6 den wed also till 6! sianz~ sat gonna have tennis orientation too! but i can attend till 12 plus nia coz needa go collect cake for mother's day! haha! explored photoshop today! quite fun de although quite pek chey in de beginning coz always can't find de icons! i'm loving my class more and more~! lol! project work soo far soo good! at least we are on de right pace! gonna be more and more busy in de following weeks le!

darlings, jus let me vent again can? i zhen de feeling veri xin ku. i'll be alright, dun worri. i jus needa find a place to vent. i thought things are working out for me but i realised i'm utterly wrong. i thought by indulging myself in lots and lots of work would fade ur impression in my heart but i'm totally wrong. ur presence still keep haunting me. i can't control myself to dun think of you. de agony is jus enough for me to bear. i told myself i must forget you if i wana start everything anew, but it's jus soo difficult. all these while i'm jus forcing myself to forget you but whenever i'm alone, ur image will start appearing in my mind again. i keep asking myself dat am i realli happi now or jus putting on to a fake smile? i dun noe. it's even more torturous when i past by our frequent haunts those days back. marina square and vivo for couple seat movies, ps for our couple rings, bugis for our shopping spree, tm as our after school favourite haunt, taco pachi as our favourite snack and most importantly toa payoh, de place where you first held my hand. i think all these are of no meaning to you le ba? i realli hope dat things aren't like dat between us however i noe time could not be turn back anymore.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:04 PM.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

didn't sleep realli tight! woke up early as usual! engines must start working le coz quizes and assignments are coming up soon! java, website design, cmaths, html~ wawawa! beginning from 2moro, my poly life has started for 1 month liao! time past damm fast! jie gonna graduate and entering uni soon~ gor and me still struggling in poly! lol! i have 3 more years and gor another 2 more years! haha! dun noe where to head after poly too! NIE?! uni?! make de plans after i graduate ba?! haha! gonna go take family protrait at studio after jie de grduation ceremony! proud sia! will be receiving her graduation cert at stage! our whole family gonna be there! haha! too bad no square hat, only graduation gown! lol! jie damm disappointed! hao le gonna do some revision now before going out later or else 2moro jiu catch no ball wat lecturer's talking about le! anyway, happi birthday to mycutiepie! must stay happi yea?!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:38 AM.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

watch iron man today! quite a nice movie but i dun realli like those bombings~ lol! 2moro going out wif mum and sis! yeah! haha! gotta get my sports wear soon coz sat jiu orientation for tennis le! not gonna get my racket till i am confirmed! i wonder how's shar and edwin le! hope dat things are working fine for them?! btw, next sat gonna celebrate mummy's day for my mum! we prepared a surprise for her! hehe! pretty tired now! turning in le! goodnight people! ohya! another presentation on tuesday again~! lol! lips are cracking recently too! damm pain and dry can?! hais~!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:27 PM.

Friday, May 02, 2008

school was okie okie today except for something which realli piss me off. dun wana mention about it le. soo i called kai min. i think he's de only one who bothered to pei me ba?! first time talk to him for soo long. lol! saw adam but i showed him attitude. sianz~ mute de whole day. lol! dun noe why talking to kai min will make me feel calmer. maybe dis's called infinity ba?! anyway, thanks for being there for me when i was soo helpless. btw, not wanting to mention, it had been 2 months ever since we parted our ways. hais~ memorable day?! unforgettable date?! i dun noe and i dun have an answer to it.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:13 PM.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

no school 2day! yeah! haha! unfortunately there's still school 2moro~ 9 to 4! lol! another long day! dun noe whether wana bring laptop ma?! haha! reflected on something le!
for my girls:
darlings, dis time, i zhen de wana put de past behind me. i dun wana live in de memories he had left for me anymore. all these while, no matter am i in school or not in school, studying or not studying, his presence jus keep haunting me. i can't control myself to dun think of him. no matter how much he had hurt me, i'm still thinking of him. but now i realise something, it's time for me to move on. no point clinging on to the past. it's a fact dat he had gone for good. de hurt is already caused and i realli hope dat it can all end from dis moment onwards. i noe you all are angry, pissed off coz you all feel injustice for me but i realli dun wana bother you girls anymore le. it's all enough for me jus knowing dat you girls are there for me and understand de whole picture can le. i love you girls. i think without you all, i will be even more lost ba?! de rest of the problem jiu let me go settle le. i realli dun wana implicate you girls in anymore. i jus need time to heal de wound in my heart. thanks for being there for me all these while.

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