Monday, September 28, 2009

as usual, we went to have a nice meal in celebration for bro's belated birthday.
we had some international buffet at a hotel in de CityHall vicinity.
they served alaska crab! woo...
i enjoyed de ambiance there.

headed town as dad wanted to get a new digital cam and scanner.
i'm realli disappointed wif de promoters at BestDenki.
both promoters had de same attitude.
they dun give a damm to us.
hence, we left de place without getting anything.

while shopping, i realised there are a lot stuffs i wana buy.
i think i should stop having such horrible desires.
i wana get a havaianas flipflop, num's boston bag, accessories from accessorize, heels from pazzion, etc etc.

work resumes today...
second time to Bank.
road's getting more and more familiar.
i can't imagine i will still get lost in singapore.
work today is pretty smooth sailing larh. =)

i miss my BFF.
i miss catching a movie wif her.
i miss shopping spree wif her.
i miss chatting like nobody's business wif her.

i miss every tiny little thing of her.
i miss nagging at her.
i miss pulling her away from fantasy shops.
although we still message, de feeling is still different when you meet ur BFF in person.
when you have a friend whom you are proud to say she's ur BFF, you'll understand how i feel right now.
i noe it might sound kinda gross here but she's my best friend on earth.

i enjoy her presence and sharing every tiny little bits of my life wif her.
she understands, she listens and she give advises.
i can't believe i had indeed found a friend like her, a friend dat i used to dreamt of one.

watched F1 last night.
dad still suggested to drive pass de PIE Espressway to catch a glimpse.

even if not able to catch a glimpse, hearing de engine sound will jus as well satisfy him.
however, we still decided to head home early to watch it at de television.
dad finally gave up and knocked off at 9.
bro and me hang on and managed to watch de whole race.

my first and ever experience watching F1 and even supporting for a team.
i'm not such a motor fan but bro's enthusiasm influenced me.

ohya. school's starting in another few weeks' time.
i can forsee de piles of projects and assignments awaiting me.
but right now, i'm still enjoying my holidays.
i like de days without thinking of submitting projects and assignments. LOL!

sis's snapshot @ dad's birthday.

sis' snapshot @ bro's birthday.
* fyi: she always snapshot me when i'm playing wif my fingers

i, can't forget you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:17 PM.

Friday, September 25, 2009

i enjoy my work, de people, de place.
but it's hard to keep me going when i dun get de support from my family.
i hope to hear a piece of console when i reached home after a day from work, and not grumbles.
it's realli hard to keep going when de people closest to you is trying to pull ur morale down.
i believe, studies is not de root of de problem.
you said it was closing soo you made me hate closing.
in fact, i realised i dun hate closing at all.
i admit initally i jus wanted to prove myself to you all.
but now, i realli love my job and de people there.
i will look forward towards any working shift, to who i'll be working wif.
i noe clearly dat a friend's concern can never be compared wif a family.
somehow, i'm starting to feel more warmth at work.
tell me, do i have to quit my job to please you?

i bought a book today.
it's a story of a poor girl who struggles to live since young.
i enjoy reading such stories.
it will make me wana treasure more de things i'm holding on now.
ChineseCinderalla is one of de more memorable to me.

as i said, i returned to work on thursday.
things were fine.
LiLing and LiYan weren't working. =(
luckily, there was still Impian.
there are like 4 brown shirts now.
why do we need soo many brown shirts?
honestly speaking, if our SM is capable, 2 brown shirts will be more den enough.
oops! i think i said something offensive. did i?
AhYan ar AhYan! when will you be back?!

alright enough of work!
i think i should stop blogging about work.
oh i finished my full course of anti-biotics.
but my throat still hurts a little. =(
i'm having blocked ears too.
my body's weird. LOL!

btw, i had been sleeping earlier den usual these few days.
i'm afraid my 9pm habit is back again.
it's not something bad actually.
eh... it's 10pm now already.

bro and mum had been pretty cranky these few days.
i've been trying to pry wat's happening between them.
i can be definite dat both of them have no clashes wif each other.
wat's up wif my family?!
i hate dis kind of environment.

i hope you were here.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:29 PM.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

thanks for de concern of everybody.
i'm getting well.
and, i'm heading to work today.
i think i'm fit for work dat's why i decided to go back although i'm still on MC.
bad thing is, there's still a little pain at my throat, like a knife poking it.
good thing is, fever had subsided.
i still have to continue wif my medication especially de anti-biotics.

it was bro's birthday yst. =)
de real celebration only starts on sunday for our family.
hence, he went out to have some celebration wif his friends.
he brought back presents!
i love to see presents though it's not meant for me.

results are out.
GPA dropped.
i admit, i was kinda lazy.
fortunately, i scored a B+ for my project module and a C for IPNET, de module i hated de most.
i seriously thought i'm gonna flunk IPNET's paper.
i hope dad will understand and doesn't flare up.

i need ur concern at de right time.
why dun you noe when is de right time?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:50 AM.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

right now, i'm running a fever.
and i dun noe why i'm here blogging.
perhaps, i dun feel like lying on de bed.
i didn't attend work yst.
feeling damm shitty.
my head is like spinning round and round.
mum called up stall and talked to SM.
soo mum's bringing me to see a doctor later.
i bet de doctor will say like having not enough rest, drinking not enough water and stuffs.
when was de last time i fell ill?
it was during de H1N1 peak period when i caught a flu.
but definitely, dis time felt worst.
i wonder wat's wrong wif myself dis time.

sunday, de worst day of my working life.
SM blew up on me.
maybe i was too frightened and dat causes my fever.
i admit i brought de guest to de wrong table soo it's my fault.
but, it wasn't something you should blow up on me.
broke a glass but luckily he was too busy venting his temper on others.

bro's birthday is around de corner.
i hope i'll get well by den.
i realli wana celebrate a nice birthday wif him. =)

right now, i'm heading back to my bed to rest while waiting for my mum to return from work and bring me to de doctor.
wat time is she gonna be back?

my heart still beats for you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:40 AM.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

private sales ended.
i dun wish to mention more.
if i blogged yst, i might wana elaborate more.
but not now at de moment.
since it's over, it's over.

met up wif sweet after de private sales.
we had dinner at ION's hk cafe.
de food is good but de service is a little kinda slow.
de hot piping baked rice and prawn dumplings.
i never had such nice meals for quite some time already.

and yst, i brought my family to hk cafe again at PS.
eventually, i signed up for their membership like finally.
they have veri good rebates. =)

soo today, i'm working closing wif my beloved.
LL and LiYan!
it'll be soo perfect if Impian and huiru are around too.
HAHA! fat hope~

i hope i never receive such disappointment from you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:39 AM.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

as usual, i was stationed in B2 dis afternoon.
however, zack left me at de wrong time.
a big crowd came in and i started to panic.
i understand LL meant well by asking SM to move me out to B1 rather den see me struggling in B1.
hence, i came out to B1.
i realised dat there are lots more for me to learn and improve.
i feel realli bad today.
i wanted to do well but...
2moro's private sales.
my first ever attempt.
i wonder how will things be like.
i need de support from everyone in stall.

meeting sweet 2moro.
i'm soo happi. =)
there's soo much i wana pour to her.
i think, i can only talk to her.

ClassChalet was fun yst.
although i didn't manage to meet LiYan, i guess we had fun individually.
as promised, dad fetched me home.
wif shingto and geoklan sitting at de back.

the memories, i'd kept them.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:29 PM.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

work work & work.
i'm sick and tired of speaking about work in my blog nowadays.
not coz i hate my work but dis's de only place i can vent all my unhappiness.
no worries, he didn't blow up yst.
i'm jus trying to do some reflection here.
yea, i'm starting to miss Rum, jus like how i missed Taha.
ohya speaking about Taha, he came over to IS last night.
you can't imagine how excited i was when i saw him.
it seemed like long time not seeing my big brother.
i can see dat he realli missed IS...
back to Rum, i feel kinda contridicted.
honestly speaking, like wat Impian said, she had left for good.
i believe she'll have a better development ahead, definitely not at IS.
however, IS team needs her support and lead.
i wasn't given a chance to say a proper goodbye to her. =(

ClassChalet in a few hours time.
i seriously hope dat i'll noe where's de exact location.
LiYan's ChaletHouse is at A while mine is at P.
is it gonna like veri far apart?

i'm gonna continue watching my drama now.
i'm kinda addicted to those korean drama wif de storyline setting in de past korea.
and right now, i'm watching dis series called 女人天下.
it's a total of 144eps and i have no idea i'm at which ep now.

speak to me, even about de tiniest thing on earth.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:15 AM.

Monday, September 14, 2009

supposedly, i thought i wasn't on shift yst.
however, i received a call from him de night before at 11plus hearing dat i'm working closing de next day.
i planned to get some rest after working for many night shifts.
LiYan told me a shocking news.
actually, i'm not surprised.
i predicted for it but i didn't expected to be dat fast.
especially when she had jus returned.
i believe, we had lost a good captain who always defend de rights and corrects de wrong.

dis week's schedule is out.
i'm practically working everyday.
Monday: 4-9
Tuesday: OFF (ClassChalet)
Wednesday: 12-5
Thursday: 12-6 (PrivateSales)
Friday: 10.30-4
Saturday: 2.45-9.45

alright, LiYan's off for her ClassChalet for de next 3days.
dat means, i won't be working wif her for de coming 3days.
luckily, there's still LL, PianPian and AhRu. =)
i think it's nice working wif de people dat you are realli comfortable wif.

honestly speaking, i'm still not confident of handling PrivateSales.
it's gonna be my first try.
wif Rum not around, i'm even more doubtful of myself now.

will be meeting sweet dis coming thursday after work.
i wana have a BFF's outing wif her. =)
she's my BestFriendForever on earth!

ClassChalet's 2moro.
and LiYan says her ClassChalet will be at de same place as mine too.
interesting... and maybe i can go and find her. =)
how i wish i can go NightCycling wif classmates 2night.

i dun want things to fall apart for us.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:00 AM.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

back from KBox session wif my family.
it's time to release some stress.

jus like wat i'd mention previously, i was on closing shift yst.
LiYan's OFF while Rum&Impian knocked off from work jus an hour after i started work.
Rudy taught me one step further again.
soo everything was smooth and steady.
till night falls, SM was getting a little weird.
towards de closing, he got even more attitude.
he's getting a little cranky nowadays.
heck care and jus headed out wif my fellow colleagues.
dad and sis came to fetch me after work. =)

i hope to be true to my heart.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:18 PM.

Friday, September 11, 2009

my training in SectionB continues...
concurrently, LiYan's bar training continues too...
things were pretty smooth yst.
of coz wif de help of my colleagues.
i expected times to be even tougher wif him around.
btw, LiYan's OFF today. =(
de console is, i'm doing CLOSING wif LiLing. =)
actually, i can feel dat everyone is trying to help me and giving me their support.
after de tough days in SectionB, i realised i'm no longer alone.
especially when Taha has left, our relationship grew closer. =)

KBox is still 2moro.
i'm looking forward to it. =)
new sofa set is also arriving 2moro.
i hope de sofa will arrive before 2 soo dat we can in time wif de KBox session.

times are harsh, i hope you were there for me.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:47 AM.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

work was supposed to be shiok yst.
however, it was stressful for me.
i have to start learning B2.
which is something i'm realli not strong at.
i realised de more careful i am, de more mistakes i will make.
yea no one in dis world dun make mistakes but i always make stupid mistakes.
which i feel dat those mistakes can be avoided.
i reflected a lot last night.
why can't i multi-task? why can't i take control of de situation? why do i get panicked as easily?
why do i always have to burden my colleagues, my partner?
i feel realli bad about upsetting their workflow.
i wish to perform better and stop disappointing you guys.

sweet came to find me after her yst.
she told me she will be working until end of dis month.
i wish to hang on but am i realli cut for it?
or i'm jus facing dis problem only in IS?
i think, i need to get my thoughts clear.

i was talking to MR.M on de phone last night.
he can realli cheer my day up.
although i dun realli understand his jokes, i can see his effort in trying to make me smile.
at least, he's still willing to talk to me after being soo wilful.
managed to hear words from de bottom of his heart.
i think, i should do some reply to it. =)

i hope for de situation to turn better.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:31 AM.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

work is on for de next 3days...
it always feel soo good to go work rather den jus rotting at home.

i think i needa go exercise or watever.
had been munching on too much of junk food nowadays.
i'm getting heavier. =(

chatted wif Taha yst.
it feels soo good to be able to talk to him again.
although it's only through msn, it somehow filled de misses i had for him.
i'm glad dat things are doing fine for him.
no matter wat, life has to move on too.

i'm sorri for disappointing you.
i noe, i had been disappointing people.
i dun wish to, i seriously didn't wish stuffs to end up like dis.
perhaps, i'm still not prepared to open up my heart totally even till today.
i hope you will understand and can understand.
i dun wana rush into things, especially to a relationship.
afterall, it's de committment dat counts.
honestly speaking, you are nice, realli nice and i noe you will make a good boyfriend i believe.
i will never forget de fun and laughters you had brought to my life.
i hope you'll still be holding on to my favourite flower at de other end of de bridge waiting for me when i'm realli ready for it.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:30 PM.

Monday, September 07, 2009

i'm not on any work schedule today and 2moro.
soo, it's time to rest.
seriously, i hate doing nothing at home.
i had been like facing computers all year around already.
hence, computer doesn't appeal to me dat much.

class chalet is around de corner.
i'm looking forward.
however, i can't stay overnight.

PrivateSales will be around de corner too.
i have no confidence in myself coz it'll be my first time involved in de PrivateSales.
it seems scary after hearing my colleague's past experience.
i seriously hope dat i can cope and dun screw things up anymore.

no schedule dis weekend too.
bro had been suggesting going to KBox!
it's been ages since i last visited KBox!
i wana SingSangSung...!

from de bottom of my heart, i missed you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:40 AM.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

today is sunday!

yst's outing was FUN!
HauntedHouse, Viking, SuperMan, FerrisWheel, GoKart...
de most shiok one was HauntedHouse and Viking.
basically, i led in de HauntedHouse.
wif sweet grabbing my left hand, while another 2 IndianGirls were grabbing my bag.
i should be afraid and i'm always afraid of HauntedHouse.
but somehow i didn't noe where de courage came from.
Viking was super shiok too.
we always grab opportunities to sit at de top ends.
i didn't expect it to be dat steep.
our butts are almost off de seats at its highest point.
for dat, we did scream. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was my first experience playing wif GoKart.
de both of us end up to be de slowest.
while others have already returned to de ending point.
but who cares? safety comes FIRST!
SuperMan was relaxing.
we felt like sun-tanning.
if you rode it before, you will noe.
it's ur back dat's exposed to de sun sunny sun.

cabb-ed home.
our energy were getting drain-ed.
i feel dat i'm no longer young.
slept at around 8plus...
wow. dat's soo early.

if we are fated to be, we will be eventually.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:31 AM.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

FieldTrip is still on.
yea, jus de 2 of us.
but at least, it's better den nothing.
and, we're going ESCAPE!

when i was working yst, i missed Taha again, like again.
i could realli felt his presence, his speech, his actions.
tears was beating around my eyes once again.
for once, i missed my colleague soo soo much.
he was more like a friend to me den a colleague.
seriously, i couldn't help it.
we were once soo close, but yet now, soo far.
i hate dis kind of feeling.

anyway, i kinda screwed up an order yst.
fussy customer but luckily, my colleagues covered up for me. =)
i think, i realli owe them a lot a lot.
ever since i joined, they had been clearing up my mess again and again.
i'm guilty and i'm starting to doubt myself again.

dad and sis came over to fetched me yst too.
initially was to fix my bag, end up having a new one instead.
dat's even better. HAHA!
we walked over to paragon as dad parked his car there.
we had Fish&Co for dinner!
i simply love their fish!

are you de one for me?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:29 AM.

Friday, September 04, 2009

FieldTrip is off.
i'm feeling disappointed...
like, wat's de use of jus de 2 of us.

hence, i decided to change my blogskin.
i will update as often as possible.
although i'm getting busy down to work.

bro went for sun-tanning.
he's super red now.
jus like IronMan. LOL!
de pain will comes later. HAHA!

ohya! went to JurongPoint wif sis few days back.
it's extended and it can get quite confusing at times too.
feel soo poor at dat point of time coz i didn't collect my pay.
shopped, makan-ed and home-ed.

working later. 3 to 8.30.
dad says he might be able to fetch me home.
it's good coz i need not have to sqeeze wif people in de train.
i wonder how work will be like later.
work has been getting more and more jus like a work.
i had never felt dis way before and i noe it's bad to think dis way. =(

i hope, it's not jus a dream.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:05 AM.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

my last paper ended yst sharply @ 11am.
finally all de papers are over.
wat's left wif will be to prepare myself for results.
i didn't expect myself to perform dat well dis sem.
but no matter wat, i had already put in my best.

went to work straight after my paper yst.
it was my first working weekday ever since i started school.
haven't been realli used to work on a weekday actually.
i'm learning new things everyday. =)
it's already my next sem break.
and guess how long had i entered tcc? 6months!
i still remember how stress i was when i was a newbie.
though now i still often make stupid mistakes, my colleagues are always there to give me their guidance.
dis's one of de reasons to keep me on.

i was thinking of Taha today while working.
but somehow, i can feel dat he's still by my side.
always telling me dis and dat.
uncontrollable tears came down.
i have still yet to get over dis.
i realli missed his presence. =(

met MR.M yst after work for dinner.
he headed to PS.
settled our meal at HK.Cafe.
de restaurant i wanted to try some ahma years ago.
we had a fun and nice time.
out of de 100% of time, 90% of de time we are bickering.

i'll be heading to school in a couple of hours' time.
gonna help out in some kind of contributions to SchoolOfIT ba.
i seriously hope dat i can still remember my HTML stuffs or rather, year1's stuffs.
i dun wana look like a bimbo in IT.

alright, i shall end my post here.
it's not veri long but yet not veri short soo it's jus nice larh.
i'm looking forward to sat's FieldTrip wif sweet and ED! =)))

i'm opening my heart again.
yes, to you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:00 AM.

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