Saturday, September 30, 2006

yesterday went 4 a dental checkup den found out 1 veri shocking news... i have a wisdom tooth... hais... den dis wisdom tooth is knocking de tooth infront... den de tooth dat is infront of my wisdom tooth is not growing straight... dat's why my gums hurts soo much la... he told me i had no choice but 2 take away my wisdom tooth den after 2 weeks, when de de gum has recovered, i have 2 put braces at my lower jaws le... why why why... why dis thing will happen 2 me... after seeing pei ling went soo much pain when she started putting braces, i'm even more convinced dat it's painful de lor... i used 2 be soo proud dat my teeth is de straightest at home and in school but now, jus coz of 1 tooth not growing straight, my whole row of teeth have 2 put on braces le... it will be like soo weird la... people put on2 de lower jaw and upper jaw but now i only have 2 jus put on de lower jaw... i'm soo shocked by dis news... can't even sleep de whole night... but luckily by de time i put on my braces dat will be like end of de year or early next year soo my friends won't be able 2 see ugly mouth liao... another shocking news is de price lor... is like soo expensive... but luckily de $$$ 4 taking out de wisdom tooth can used my dad de medisave and can even claim back de full sum leh... but still got de braces $$$ leh... is cost about thousand plus lor... i'm soo depressed now... although dis series of un4tunate events r happenin on me, i still will continue wif my life de... coz i noe there's will be a group of good friends will accompany me and walk wif me de whole journey de regardless anything... thanks guys... thanks 4 giving me soo much support and advices...

lovin yz...

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

never 2 4get wat is 2day... 2day is my 1 and only brother's birthday... but too bad la... he needs 2 work... NS is always like dat de... soo bad... birthday still need work... although he needs 2 work 2day but we will help me celebrate other day de... dun worry gor... we will never 4get u de... though sometimes i always quarrel wif him, but he's still me brother afterall... no matter wat, family ties r unseparated... maybe some1 has totally ignored ur birthday, dun be sad, u still have us... he dun help u celebrate, we help u celebrate okie... dun be sad le...

loving gor & yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:47 AM.

Friday, September 22, 2006

soo long never blog liao coz too many things 2 do... firstly is got de adam khoo booster session den went revising history wif shar and pei ling at my house de void-deck den still need prepare 4 de end-of-year practical exam 4 f&n... overall these few days r quite fun 2 me especially when de exam days r nearing... saeing about exams, there's still only another like about 5 more study days be4 my big exam arrives... hais... soo stress ar... realli hope dat i can maintain my standard or move even higher... sort of worried coz it seemed like my best subject had become my worst subject le... "I CAN DO IT DE, I MUST DO MY BEST"...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:42 PM.

Monday, September 18, 2006

2day waited until 2 plus den found out de adam khoo booster session is postponed 2 wednesday le... kind of disppointed leh... postponed le coz school 1s us 2 get back 2 our old trainers ma who r danny, wayne and amin... hais... realli veri enthu 2wards dis booster session although it's only like 3 hours lor... somehow i dun feel dat dis session will help me in any ways but i feel dat it's maybe a good way 2 help me destress ba... i'm realli feelin veri stress... den 2day even saw mr salim... ai yoi... why he come back now... does it means dat mr cheong is not goin 2 teach us le... although i dun realli understand mr cheong de lesson but i kind of adapted his method of teachin le... if now change back 2 mr salim, i realli dun noe i can maintain back dis standard or not leh... kind of worried...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:59 PM.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

2day went parkway wif my family... we keep shop and shop and shop... buy dis buy dat everything we like... first we went mini toons den i treat them candies dat cost around $5... after dat we went 2 watson den i bought a bath 4 my mum coz she needs 4 her work... in de end we went de shop named, top 20... we each bought a flip-flop... wahahaha... de process of choosing de slippers is fun lor... we keep changing and changing de designs lor... last but not least my mum went istan and bought a scholl shoe dat cost exactly $50... kind of expensive la but since she like it den never mind lor... finally, we went 2 giant den i bought de ingredients i need 4 my f&n end-of-year practical exam... in conlcusion, i had a veri fun day wif my family lar... i seriously understand wat dis phrase means le, "family ties r inseparable"...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:18 PM.

Friday, September 15, 2006

i'm sick le... finally i fall ill le... coz i went under de rain go home de time and PE de time ma... fever, running nose, headache... hais... my head above now like got a lot of stars spining... suddenly i felt dat yz hands r soo warm... although he tired 2 cover me from de rain, but in de end i still fall ill le... thanks yz... hope dat he won't blame himself... i realli appreciate 4 all dat he had done 4 me... but i keep disappointing him... i can't give him wat he 1s... 4 example being happi lor... he keeps askin me 2 be more happi when sometimes i'm troubled wif some frustrating matters... actually it's better 2 fall ill now den later coz my final year exams comin liao... i'm feelin soo ill and stress now... i will stop here le and goin 2 rest... ai yoi, cannot enjoy my weekends...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:26 PM.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

nothing much happen 2day also... no much things 2 blog about... 2day i took revenge liao... jian rong always hits my head den 2day when he hits my head again, i hit back his head den dun noe why suddenly soo many start laughing leh... blur liao... got soo funny meh... i jus hit back his head ma... ai ya... nothing 2 blog liao...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:05 PM.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2day i thought it should be a happi and wonderful day de but who noes leh, i had a great fall and my knee was like bleedin... soo painful especially when it touches water... terrible man... i now can understand how pei ling feel le... coz she fell down from de bicycle den her knee is like much worst den me lor... hais... we like share de same fate now le... we had became a real lame person... painful painful...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:11 PM.

Friday, September 08, 2006

2day i den found out i realli realli miss them, my friends... i miss pei ling de lame jokes, adeline de encouragements, shar de laughters, angie de advices and crystal de blurness... now den i realise how important r them 2 my life... without them, my life is soo bland, tasteless... they indeed added alot of colours in2 my bored and strict life... i had never had friends dat rock soo much in my life... i hope dat school can reopen as soon as possible coz i realli can't stand de days without them... i realli treasure u guys alot...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:16 PM.

2day went out wif shar 4 lunch at pasta... i noe, it's pasta again... hahaha... but i somehow dun feel sian after eatin it soo many times... den shar let me taste a new kind of baked rice... sort of nice coz i had a bad experience soo i didn't dare taste baked rice anymore but shar 2day overcome my fear... surely i didn't went home empty-handed la... i brought back home a new handphone accessory from action city... it's a veri cute and tiny dog... soo cute... both of us cannot make up our decision which 1 2 buy... at first we decided on de turtle de den after we changed 2 de pig de den lastly we finally settled on de dog de... ai yoi... den after shoppin, sharon brought me 2 a new place called xzone... i didn't noe dat de mrt station inside also got arcade de leh... 4 de first time i saw sharon play para para... soo stunned and shocked... it's a different sharon dat i noe... she can dance soo well leh... i kind of dun recognise her le... but de girls infront of us also not bad la but their action like quite big lor... i can sae shar is quite talented in dis la... perhaps she can switch line liao... anyway, i had a wonderful and happi day... thanks shar... 2day kind of sian liao, no mood mention about yz...

loving yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:14 PM.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

hais... i feel dat dis 1 week holiday realli is soo sian lor... i rather attend school... i'm soo bored at home all day... cannot hang out wif friends... actually it made no difference lar coz i also dun get 2 hang out wif my friends ma... but i jus feel veri sorri 2wards yz... something happen yesterday dat i cannot tell him about... coz i noe he will get realli mad if i tell him... somemore i also dun 1 2 bother him anymore le... i'm afraid dat he will think i'm soo irritating... soo, i decided 2 keep dis secret from him ba... i jus 1 him 2 concentrate on his studies at least until de final year exams are over first... he ever told me be4 dat studies comes be4 anything and i also agree soo i'm goin 2 work hard 2gether wif him 4 our end-year exams... okie le... i think i will stop here coz dun noe still got wat can blog about le...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:34 PM.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

i'm soo happi and excited coz i and him goin 2 enter our 1st month liao... i can't imagine we r 2gether nearing 1 month leh... another 2 more days only... i realli can't wait 4 dat day 2 arrive... although he might feel quite cold 2wards dis day but i jus cannot control myself from being soo high... it will be a veri memorable day 2 me... 2day i went 2 changi airport terminal 2... hais... although i feel like flying in2 de plane 2 escape from all de exams but i noe is impossible de... it's out of de question... but never mind la... though dis 1 week break cannot go anywhere but i will study hard and catch up de pace and prepare myself 4 de end-years exams de...

lovin yz...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:23 PM.

Friday, September 01, 2006

ai yoi lar... wat's happenin 2 me... i mistaken him le lar... i thought he was in a bad mood soo he showed me attitude soo i was angry wif him... but now den i found out i mistaken him le... he was in a bad mood coz of de bottles thing... i heard dat some1 from my class went threaten him soo he was in a bad mood... he did not show me attitude on purpose de... i jus 1 sae sorri 2 him... i blame myself 4 not being an understanding girlfriend 2 him... suddenly i felt dat i'm soo petty... jus like wat he told me... a little bit angry liao... hais... realli realli veri sorri 2wards him... hope dat he's not mad wif me can le... soo from 2day onwards, i decided 2 treat him veri veri good... i cannot let him down anymore le... i must love him alot and cannot make him sad or moody le... dat's my aim... hahaha... =)

lovin yz...

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