Tuesday, April 27, 2010

yes, it's tuesday today.
monday blues simply spreads throughout de week.

jus now while i was listening to yes93.3's can-theatre, i cried.
though there aren't any images, de story is still as touching.
i was moved to tears by chong qing's character in de script, yang jing yu.
it jus feels soo real man.

another 20 more working days and i'm off wif my attachment days.
mixed feelings...
but still, i'm thankful.

i'm freaking pissed off.
wat do i mean to you? a tool or watsoever?
tsk. i seriously dun need a friend like you.
i can withstand betrayal, liars.
but never a friend who simply ignores my presence.
i can't stop asking myself, why do i wana noe you in de first place?

PS: how vulnerable a friendship can be huh

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:21 PM.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

it's sat today!
yea coz there's no work ma.
and most importantly, i can talk as much as i want to.

bathed my fat pig.
she's getting violent, real violent now.
her legs huh, power de ma~
i can barely carry her wif a single hand now already.
she even overturned her food day few days ago.
i was like, wth.

soo i was fb-ing de whole day.
i will only login to fb during de weekends now.
my fishes and crops are dying soon.

i'm drinking dat super bitter chinese medicine.
it's realli bitter but i noe it's good for my body.
only if i dun have intestinal problems.
my gastritis friend always come visiting me once in a while.
de worst thing is, strictly no sweets.

as wat i mentioned in my previous post, my phone is not in use.
hopefully i can get my new phone 2moro! :)
it feels weird to be 'phone-less' in these days.

PS: i won't give a damm to you anymore.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:42 PM.

Friday, April 23, 2010

hye peeps! today's Friday! :)
no work 2moro!

bad news:
my phone died on me yst afternoon.
i'm gonna live for de next few days without a handphone.
good news:
i'm getting a new phone veri veri soon.
diamond2? mini?

alright, i needa head back to work already!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:11 AM.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

yes peeps! i'm back to my space again.
it's Thursday today! :)
which means it's Friday 2moro! :)

anyway, dad says we're gonna have steamboat dis sunday.
i love steamboat!
de last time we had steamboat was my birthday i remember.

i had been listening to 933FM lately.
they have dis drama in celebration of their anniversary.
it's ep4 today already.
quite an interesting story i think.
tune in at 10:30am daily!

as for work, i'm continuing wif stress testing.
it's kinda fun to play wif de system. Haa.

i'm soo looking forward to next Friday!
coz i'll be out in town wif SH and Angelia.
everywhere will be laughters wif them.
they are definitely great shoppers man.
we're sure gonna treat ourselves a nice meal.
there are soo many things we wana buy! :(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:50 AM.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hye peeps! i'm back.
if i'm not mistaken, poly sem started yst.
i wana be like one of those students out there rushing for class.
but i can only look at them wif an envy face.
enough of my grouches!

it's now 10plus and i had not yet taken my breakfast.
i guess my gastritis will be visiting me soon again. Haa.

short post. dat's it. cya!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:24 AM.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

hey peeps! it's me again!
i had been blogging at dis hour these few days. :)
though i think i have nothing much or interesting to blog about.

it's 5pm now and it's raining heavily outside.
there's THUNDER somemore! :(
rainy days = moody days...

during lunch break today we were chatting happily about our secondary school days.
we all agreed dat those days were de best days.
we will do silly and stupid things without knowing it reflected retarded now.
whole class standing outside de classroom becoz we didn't complete homework.
piggybacking each other around de school.
girls acting shy while guys acting cool~
we'll never fail to shorten de lifespan of our teachers i guess. HAHA!
they are all great memories to us.
no matter wat, life's gonna move on.
it's another stage of life, part and parcel of life.
memories are de ones dat will always stay wif us.

i wonder how is WQ coping wif his presentation.
he's having an important demo now and i mustn't disturb him at dis moment.
i've been helping him wif all i can and it's up to him to perform now.
i hope to hear some good news...

btw, it's Friday 2moro!
but i have no plans for dis weekend luh.
it's good to have no plans when you're broke.
which is why i'm kinda glad dat i have no plans. LOL!

ohya. i'm changing my hp soon, veri soon.
it has been getting unusual lately.
i have a few phones in mind.
definitely not iPhone anymore.
i wanted HTC Touch Pro2 but it's no longer available.
HTC Diamond2 is my next choice.
i'm still undecisive.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:07 PM.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i saw de reflection of me.
somehow, it jus feel soo terrible luh.
nothing can describe my feeling now.
peeps out there who are truely concerned, dun try ask a single thing.
seriously, i dun believe in retribution.
but i'm starting to see it in myself.

today is wednesday.
good thing is, de sky is not raining today.
my mood simply gets swayed easily by de weather i think.
soo it's gonna be a 'long' journey home later again.
everyday is de same actually. HAHA!

i finally got rid of SQL!
it's been 2weeks since i was stuck wif some SQL optimization.
i'm moving on to stress testing now. :)
i'm stressed up le! LOL!
another 6 more weeks to go...

btw, sweet's back!
i missed her soo much luh.
i'm glad dat she's back safely.
i wana hear her guangzhou stories badly!

PS: you're not DE one

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:33 PM.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i realized no one had asked me wat i realli want. LOL!
and dat no one had said if he/she can, he/she will give it to me.
soo wat do i want exactly? like idk leh.
world peace? too far-fetched...
alright, den i will want my family and friends to be healthy ba.

today is 13April, which means i'm still left wif less den 2months of internship.
and veri soon, i'll be in de 'fish tank' completing my FYPJ.
right now, i feel totally restless.
i dun have de right mood to work now!
ohya. sweet's returning from guangzhou 2moro! :)

PS: i'm still waiting...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:40 AM.

Monday, April 12, 2010

birthday card from SH!

had been out wif my family during de weekends.
and for yst, we went to suntec for some education exhibition
bro's still undecisive which course which school he wana go.
i'm glad dat i have a year to think about my path.
honestly speaking i'm losing interest in studying.
but dad's speaking true, a degree is realli important in de society now.
to safeguard my future, i guess i have to jus hang on for another few more years ba.
we had dinner outside before heading home.
i had my favourite cereal prawns! :)

as for sat, i woke up in de dawn and head to de hospital wif mum.
it's realli early and raining hence we took a cab.
i had been sleepy all de way. :(
we reached home around noon time and headed out again to look for bro's working shoe.
i totally KO in de night.

why do i always feel soo much comfort only after speaking up to you?
why do you came to my mind only when i feel down?
why dun you ask a single thing when i speak to you?
why did you move a step closer to me only now?
why? why? why? i... i... i...

i have many great buddies in my life.
they always listen to me.
they will find ways to cheer me up.
i throw tantrums on them, but yet non left me.
perhaps, guys have better tolerance level.
i'm not being a spoilt girl.
trust me, i truely appreciate their presence.

PS: dun bother about me, it's jus another monday blues...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:19 AM.

Friday, April 09, 2010

i felt dat i couldn't take de stress anymore.
i hate to but tears came uncontrollably.
i hate to let people see de weak side of me.
but, it was sweet who told me tears and complaints aren't sign of weakness.
i can't recall when was de last time i teared.
perhaps, i had grew strong all these while.
i had never felt as useless like now.

i was glad dat WeiQiang was there for me.
he listened.
i was glad dat Angelia was there for me.
she listened and offered help.

no matter wat, dis's work.
i gotta jus accept it.
for it being i'm jus an intern.
i guess i will jus have to keep trying.

PS: thanks god, it's Friday

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:18 PM.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

i didn't noe why am i feeling soo tired nowadays.
it's only 8plus now and i'm feeling soo restless.
perhaps workload has increased gradually.
or perhaps i'm falling ill again.
fortunately, i'm still dealing wif sql stuffs.
i was spared from java coding eventually.

sweet has left for guangzhou.
she sent me a text when she boarded de plane.
jus like i texted her when i boarded de plane to korea.
i'm starting to miss her already:(

jus some updates about my fat pig.
thanks god, her palms are fine now.
i was realli worried for de past few days.
after a day of work, seeing her jumping around simply makes my day fulfilling enough.

why did you come into my life?
if it's god arrangement for me to meet you, den i would like to tell god.
dear god, i will never want to see him again.
de wound was never once healed and it's a scar dat can never be washed away.
de pain, still lingers around my heart.
i put myself to hate, but i can't.
i put myself to forget, but i can't.
i put myself to forgive, but i can't.
i realli detest myself for not able to do anything to make myself feel better besides tearing.
i can't remember how much tears had filled up my days.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:32 PM.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

hey peeps! yst's post deleted.
he finally replied me.
like finally.
i guess things will be working fine for us.

i was out wif sweet yst!
it's been some time since i last met her since de zoo trip.
and i swear i realli missed her a lot and i will miss her more for de week ahead.
she's gonna leave for guangzhou on tuesday for 8days.
since i had spent a zillion years without her in IT soo i guess i'll be able to hang on for dat 8days.
ohya we caught clash of de titans yst.
quite an interesting show i feel. HAHA!

it's sunday today, which means work resumes 2moro...
i hate to say dis but working in an IT firm will never be interesting.
gonna be changing to a new seating place.
i hope my friends will be able to find me. LOL!
soo wat am i gonna wear 2moro?! :(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:44 AM.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

it's already de 4th week.
dat marks my first intern month.
things had more or less stabled down.
i'm no longer feeling unease but instead, insecure.
somehow i jus feel dat my existence is jus oh soo not needed.
though it's true, i would still like to look things at de brighter side.
i have to hang on and i will hang on.
no more whining, no more complaints, no more comparisons.
trust me, i'm definitely not a spoilt brat alright!

speaking about work, i'm realli enjoying de company of SH and Angelia.
SH has a skin as thick as de elephant.
noe why? coz he thinks dat he has a wonderful voice and he's always opening personal concert during our lunch-time.
and dat's de time i will laugh like a mad dog. LOL!
for Angelia, she's de type of friend you can trust her wif all ur heart jus like my BFF!
i will never fail to talk to her wif all my 委屈.

it's a long weekend ahead...
besides having serious stomach cramp yst, i think i'll enjoy de long weekend better.
my program will be having a nice meal wif my family 2moro, followed by seeking some traditional chinese doctor on sat morning and finally meeting up my BFF and ED in de afternoon.
i haven't been enjoying my life since my attachment days.

moreover sweet is heading for guangzhou on tues.
i'll miss her, jus like when i was in korea.
but i noe, she had always wanted to go back to de place where she had many wonderful memories.
dun forget to get my souvenirs alright! :)

some updates about my fat pig.
bought her a new treat but it seems like it doesn't fancy her taste buds.
she's been ignoring it initially but eventually she's munching on it happily now.
my sis will always have a way to deal wif dis stubborn pig.
my fat pig jus enjoys making a lot noise.
but when she's asleep, she's real cute...

ohya. i haven't been feeling dis week.
right now, i'm having a serious sore throat.
stomach cramp managed to ease a little today.
and my head, is spinning like free. :(
i feel i'm like a medicine box now.

i'm not realli happi lately too.
dad's still busy as usual.
it's not dat i'm being wilful here or wat but i realli dun like de way he is now.
i understand de company is undergoing a major project dat's handing over in june.
perhaps, i should be a more understanding daughter instead.
it's his responsibility, his company.

PS: i wana stay close to you.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:43 PM.

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