Saturday, January 30, 2010

bathed my beloved pig today.
i bet she must be still sleepy while i woke her up.
she was naughty enough to splash water all over me when i was bathing her.
washed up her cage and stuffs.
honestly speaking, it's quite a lot of work.
even though, i still enjoyed every moment spent wif her.
for no other reason, jus becoz i'm her 'mum'.
especially i was pretty busy dis week, i didn't spend much time wif her too.
it did crossed our mind of getting one company for her, but let's jus leave it after CNY ba.
soon after my project's submission, i promise i'll definitely spare more time for her.

speaking about project submission, i actually have nothing much to say.
looking at de deadline reaching nearer each day, my confidence level is degrading.
i hope dat there won't be any more hipcups...
only good thing is, all tests had been completed!

ohya. i realized i haven't been updating my blog recently.
and dat my body's not doing quite well too.
digestion haven't been good lately and dat leads to my poor appetite.
too stressed up lately and dat leads to my insomnia.
looking at me, my mum looked pretty worried
while i'll always say, "don't worry, i'll be fine".
though i noe she won't be less worried jus becoz of wat i'd said.
FYI: my mum's always worrying about dis and dat... i guess worrying flows in all mums...
my bro's busy wif mugging like again.
FYI: he's always studying 24/7...
not speaking about my dad, he's as stressed as me.
he never fail to read his emails everyday when he reaches home.
though a director, he still insists on doing things by himself.
in another words, everybody is busy wif their own stuffs.
i hope they will at least remember dat my birthday's coming soon...

and noe wat? coz everybody is soo busy wif their own stuffs, my mum is bored enough dat she started chatting to my pig.
she will start calling my pig momo now coz my mum always sees me hugging my Elmo.
wat a cute mum i have... HAHA!
LeLe had indeed brought joy to my family.

alright! i needa hurry to my bed before my mum will start screaming to us to bed!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:56 PM.

Friday, January 22, 2010

it's week15 next week.
project submission, week16.
final presentation, week17.
soo dat means i'm left wif merely less den a week.
i'm definitely looking forward to CNY rather den dis.

there'll be another 2 more tests coming up next week.
vb, 25%.
sweng, 10%.

ohya. speaking about CNY.
i have yet to buy my new year clothes.
though it's time for shopping, i feel no excitement.
i can never enjoy my days till project's over.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:19 PM.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i'm not attending OS lecture as usual.
i spent de time cleaning up my fat pig's cage.
removed all de bedding coz i'm training her to bedpan.
it's tough i noe coz she'll still be shitting everywhere in her cage.
soo right now i guess she's trying to adapt a cage without beddings.
i read in de net dat GuineaPig does popcorn dance.
now i fully understand wat's soo called their popcorn dance already.
FYI: she's getting fatter each day! omg!

ohya. i came to realize my 19th birthday falls during de exam period.
yes, not to remind me, i'm 19 soon!
though i'm not having a paper on my birthday, it still feels soo sad to celebrate birthday during exams time.
and i noe veri clearly i'll be bounded at home during de exam period. :(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:14 AM.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

finally i caught Alvin&Chipmunks2!
it's equally as nice as Part1.
i'm looking forward to Part3 man!

project? ohya project...
confidence level is getting lower each day.
worst thing is, we're only left wif 3weeks...
miracle please!

exam timetable's out.
3papers dis sem.
last paper ends at 3March.
however, i may start my attachment as early as 8March.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:49 PM.

Friday, January 08, 2010

it was NYP's 2010 OpenHouse.
OpenHouse had always been de event of de year.
initially there were like 5,6 of us who signed up for it.
it ended up only me, sy and yenleng turned up. LOL!
only 2 TourGuides were allocated to a group, soo i had to join another guy to guide another group.
funniest thing was, my group was getting larger and larger.
towards de end of de tour, there were like 7 TourGuides in my group. OMG!
i'm de odd one out coz de 6 of them were classmates and i'm de one IT student.
thinking about my pathetic secondary school tour group, i was good enough to stay wif them till de end.
though they dun look like they appreciate my efforts, i realized i'm coming to understand more about NYP.
it was a realli tiring day...
all de walking and shouting...

HomeBasedLearning is grating on my nerves man.
instructions and email were only sent out and given few days past de week.
while de submission will be jus a few days later.
i was like checking my email every single hour larh.
it's not an effective way at all.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@10:18 AM.

Monday, January 04, 2010

today is de 4thDay of 2010.
alright i seem to be talking rubbish here. LOL!

looking back at 2009, it's was quite a pleasant year for me i guess.
it was a year full of ups and downs.
of coz, i wish 2010 to be much better.
soo on NewYearDay, dad brought us for dinner. =)

though i'm still having a week of HomeBasedLearning before heading back to school officially next week, i'm not realli positive towards it.
de reason for it being, i have no guide to my project.
i'm totally clueless of wat to do next.
not forgotten, today's already week12 and my FinalPresentation is on week17.
dis leaves me only another 5weeks more.
how am i supposed to implement all my UseCases within 5weeks?!
i have yet to discover uses of an ObjectDataSource.
why does time seems to pass soo fast during term breaks?
de thought of it jus makes me feel sick man.
looking at day passes each day, i'm getting more and more demoralized.

LeLe's back to normal again.
dis fat pig had not been eating recently.
i think she's my best companion.
whenever i'm stressed up, i'll go take a look at her.
i'll talk to her but i doubt she'll understand.
even if she dun, it's good enough if she listens.

2009 was one of most experiencing year i had.
i had my longest job stay at tcc@IS.
tcc@IS, it will be a place hard for me to forget.
from a noobie, i had realli hardcore training.
till today, i still never forget any single soul who worked wif me(except for de newcomers).
Pian, LLL, HuiRu, LiYan, Shammer, Nabil, Azfar, Jorgen, Sam, Rum, Patrick.
not forgetting all de brown shirts, Dez, Ivan, Rudy, Taha, Oties,
they were de ones who made my 7months stay such a fulfilling one.
to many people, it's jus a job, no big deal man.
but to me, i decided to walked out of my comfort zone and pursued something i had been always wanting to fulfill in my teenage life.
though eventually i had to leave, it wasn't something ashamed of.
i noe i had been repeating dis, but it's true dat i never regretted join de team.
and there had never been a day i had stopped missing them and my job.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:23 PM.

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