Thursday, February 25, 2010

19th birthday is jus around de corner.
no, it's 2moro to be exact.
dad bought me de casio watch already.
but it's de silver one.
now, i'm getting greedier.
i want a LongChamp bag. HAHA!

though i'm still having 2 more papers next week, i decided to give myself a break for dis 2 days.
trust me, it feels realli yurky to celebrate ur birthday during de exam period.
speaking about exams, i'm pretty worried about yst's OS paper.
i kept telling my classmate dat it's OVER already.
but it's always easier to say den done.

PS: my birthday cake is soo pretty! wish me happi birthday alright!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:37 PM.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

dis little blog of mine is for my 'long-lost' friends to noe my current updates.
but like wat i'll always say, my diary has all de best kept secrets.
since it's secrets, soo it can't be known.
soo stop asking me to reveal dat small little space i have.
it's pretty irritating.

i always believe dat i'll meet dis special person in my life.
and he, will be de person i'll wana hold tight and treasure.
no matter how long i might needa wait, be it years after years, i'll still wait.
when he appears, i'll noe it's him dat i'm waiting.
i dun believe in everlasting love, but i believe in treasuring wat you're holding on now.
before it slips off ur hands without you realizing.
soo girls out there, dun get blinded wif love when a guy says he'll love you forever.
tell him instead, i'll treasure de lovely memories we had together.

oh! it's 21stFeb already...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:51 PM.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i'm studying real hard now.
for de first time, i realli wish to do well in OS.
wed's de paper and i'm off wif OS and DCN stuffs i guess.
i'm not cut for networking stuffs.
it's a good thing dat i only have 3papers dis sem.

i missed hanging out wif my friends, especially my BFF. :(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:28 PM.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i want dis casio vintage watch badly.
i've been out de whole day in town looking for dis casio watch!

will i be able to find dis watch before my birthday?

CNY's making me soo busy...
it's all about eating and doing nothing.
kids like us, enjoys receiving RedPackets of coz.

soo 2moro onwards i'm gonna mug hard!!!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:36 PM.

Monday, February 08, 2010

FinalPresentation had ended! like FINALLY!
i felt like i had jus fought for a veri tough war.
de IndependentMarker was pinpointing me like free but it's all worthwhile de moment i stepped out of de room.
honestly speaking, i had myself prepared for these shit.
my greatest achievement dis sem will be integrating everybody's work together.
it's tedious but somehow, someone will jus have to do it.
there are still some bugs here and there but minor ones are jus fine.
hopefully, i wish for a better GPA dis sem.

soo right now i'm gonna get busy wif CNY stuffs.
deco-ing my house and my pig's house!
since mum said it's okie to buy some stuffs for my fat pig as it's CNY, i bought some toys and tidbits for her.
my fat pig jus can't get away wif her tidbits.
she simply loves her tidbits more den anything else.
people had been saying i'm pampering my fat pig more den myself.
but why not? i'm her mum!
ohya! remembered dat day it was raining damm heavily?
it's de first time i saw my fat pig getting soo frightened ever since de first day she came into our house.
alright, my fat pig is busy playing wif her new toys and drinking water.

speaking about CNY stuffs, i needa spare some time to head down to Chinatown to buy some CNY goodies and decos.
i promised my dad to bring up de CNY atmosphere in our house.
soo yst we went to de supermarket to buy some necessities needed for ReunionDinner.
we're gonna be steamboat+bbq!
i'm soo looking forward larh.
if you noe me you'll noe i'm realli obsessed over steamboat. =)

one of my classmate is in Malaysia now!
if i have my passport wif me i guess i'll be there wif her now too.
i'm gonna lobang her to help me buy cheapcheap guineapig's stuffs. HAHA!

i haven't been sparing much time on my personal entertainment lately huh.
i realli missed watching movie, missed shopping wif no worries, missed eating all my favourite food.
it's frustrating to go shopping and eating wif a mind full of worries.
now dat FinalPresentation had ended, i'm gonna find someone to do all these stuffs wif me!!!

my birthday is reaching and my mum is like hurrying me to order de cake.
though dis year's birthday happens to fall within de exam period, i'll still have to celebrate it right?
it'll be jus a matter of early or belated. =(

anyway, i'll be going for IPP which is attachment soon.
attachment will commence less den a week or be exact, 5days after my last paper and lasting for 3months.
while de rest will go for their FYPJ and study sem first, only a few of us will be going for attachment.
i hope gl will be attached to de same company as me, though de company can be as far as Jurong.
seriously i dun mind de distance as long as someone accompanies me. Hees!

ooo! wat a long post today! okie dat's all!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:18 PM.

Monday, February 01, 2010

sometimes i realli dun understand why people tends to judge someone by wat they hear and not wat they see?
there's nothing to be disgraced about studying but yet working at de same time.
it's not like i stopped school jus to work.
jus becoz you all heard i'm working while studying, you gave me sarcastic remarks, you gave me sarcastic looks.
keep ur comments to urself if you even dun noe wat's de true thing please.

anyway, there isn't any class today.
or basically there isn't much classes dis week.
like for 2moro and Friday, there'll be only a revision lecture.

i was out wif my dad yst afternoon.
he brought me to collect rental followed by some shopping spree.
he bought us some crocodile polo tee! wee~
he noes i had always wanted a lacoste polo tee.
soo mine is orange, mum's one is pink while sis's one is green.
while dad bought some business shirts from robinson.

about Friday, dad says he'll be bringing us for de annual company dinner.
ya it's company dinner again.
i can expect wat will happen...
it's held at Jumbo@EastCoast.
makes me remind of sweet's Jumbo story which happened not long ago.
back to Friday, it's project submission i think.
hopefully i can deliever de product on time and wif all de functions up.

ohya! i had been sleeping too much lately.
jus lying on de bed makes me doze off easily.
perhaps it's due to those 2 days dat i barely slept.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:29 PM.

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