Monday, June 21, 2010

i wrote de essay below during my attachment and i decided to post dis up in my blog:)

“Live up to your dream!” This is definitely not Nanyang Polytechnic’s motto or slogan. Instead, it was often heard in the campus.

As a 16 years old teenager, I followed the typical route, using my mere score of 20 points from the GCE O’Levels to enter a local polytechnic. Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) became my first in place as it was the nearest polytechnic to my living place. However, I did not have any followers. None of good friends had chosen NYP. Eventually, I entered NYP with a mind full of doubtfulness and question marks. It was only when I was about to receive my diploma from the Principal made me realized it was me whom I was in doubt all along.

As my elder sister was a graduate of NYP, I did not face much difficulty in familiarizing the campus. Just like other freshmen, I tried to keep my chatty mouth shut as long as possible during the Freshman Orientation. I did not want to get involved in those games like ice-breakers although I know that that is the only way I can get to know my classmates a little more. As usual, some left while some stay. One thing that was real clear to us was that we are definitely going to stay together as a class for the next three years, no matter which background we had came from.

The bonding in my class did not happen overnight. Basically 0805 was broken up into smaller groups or the common term they called cliques. At that time, this was a very common sight among classes. Hence, 0805 was also not the odd one out. Besides attending lectures, tutorial classes and practical classes together, we were with our own group of friends. At least we sure that we were more comfortable for things to work out in this way. This was how my first year in NYP was like. It was all about doing things on your own, not as a class. In another words, we were not a bit united.

Moving on to the second year, my class started to grew close with each other. Since the departure of my best friend, I was forced to join another clique. However, as each day goes by, different groups of cliques not longer exists in the class of 0805. We would hang out in a group of 15, practically the whole class. Be it for lunch or buying reference books from the printing shop, it is all about these 15 people. We would keep a lookout for each other, we would wait for each other, we would help each other and we would tease each other. Most importantly, we would discuss things together. What I enjoyed being in my class will be holding discussions for birthday celebrations together, as a class. I can say, this was my most memorable year. For the first time, school felt like a second home to me. I looked forward to school everyday.

Third Year, the last year in NYP. Due to the curriculum, we were once again separated based on the specialized track we had chosen. Some had gone for Industrial Placement Program (IPP), some went for Final Year Project (FYP) while some went for their studying semester. It was not easy to maintain the close relation we used to have. Discussions for birthday celebrations can no longer be held easily. It was hard to reach a time everyone could accommodate. We were all prepared for this day but there was still a sense of lost when the day arrives. Or perhaps girls tend to be a little more emotional, I remember I will never fail to express my misses for my polymates when I was out there doing my attachment. The moments we used to share were the ones that linger in my mind. What that returns will be lines and lines of encouragements and it was all that I needed to keep me going. It was then I realized the love I had for my polymates was indeed so strong.

If someone were to ask me what is the most memorable thing that happened during my poly years, it would be my 19th birthday. It was the first time my class celebrated my birthday for me, of course in an unexpected way. As my birthday fell during the exam period, I always assume that no one will pay much attention to it. Right after the last paper, we had a barbeque session for our class gathering at one of polymates’ house, Ben’s house. Although we ended up having pizza, there was still nothing unusual about their behavior. Just when I was about to leave for home, lights went off and there, came my polymate holding on to a cake. I can never forget that sight. It was a chocolate cake topped with many strawberries. The cake was made with everyone’s effort. I was moved, too moved for tears. I thought everyone had forgotten about my birthday and I was feeling down. Surprisingly, they even made me a teddy bear from the ‘Build-a-Bear Workshop’.

Trust me, it can never be more fulfilling than graduating with the people you love and treasure. For me, it was my polymates that brought colours to my poly life. I was able to understand why students would prefer a polytechnic path as compared to a junior collage path. It was the kind of experience that you can never forget. I knew great friends, great lecturers and great mentors. I believed, they are the ones that shaped today’s Jessica. Not forgetting the tough days too, we went through thick and thin together as a class like burning midnight oil for project submission and final presentation. No doubt we do experience disagreements but we kiss and make up easily. There will be no hard feelings anymore. That makes my class more lovable than ever. For a class like this, I guess it can be really hard to forget.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:34 PM.

Friday, June 11, 2010

hye peeps!
how are everybody? :)

anyway it's friday le, how fast huh?
days are travelling faster den i thought.
it's week2 of my fypj and there are still 10weeks to go.
there'll be a fypj asembly later at 4.
we can all expect wat de fypj manager is gonna say.
i jus hope dat my team will not be chosen for de presentation.

it was bro's last day wif DLS yst.
he'll be treating us for tung lok seafood lunch buffet 2moro at Orchard Central.
who doesn't enjoy good food?
tung lok food are nice and they definitely hold up to their name.

soo right now, my lab is left me all alone.
jonathan and ahkhim not in school while de rest all out for lunch.
i'm soo happi dat my pc is finally reverting back to xp!
it was linux all these while actually and i had to borrow other fyp-mate's pc.
i knew i was quite an irritant.

alright these are my update for de week.
stay tune:)

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@1:13 PM.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

hillo peeps!
i'm pretty bored hence i'm updating my blog once again. LOL!

i did not sleep well last night.
i didn't feel well.
i guess i'm gonna be sick veri soon. Haa.

some fyp friends will be leaving for china 2moro.
they are de fun ones and obviously de noisy ones too.
2moro's lab will be quite quiet i think.
anyway they'll be back in 1month's to 6weeks' time luh.

and yea, i mentioned it was my dad's birthday yst.
we haven't even got his present luh. hees!
i promise i'll get his present asap alright!

ohya my cousin will be holding his wedding during next year Feb.
good thing is, we'll be all travelling to Philippines.
bad thing is, why is it Philippines?!
Philippines is a nightmare to me!
de first airplane i had travelled was to Philippines.
in my memory, i cried like a real crybaby.
dad will never fail to rank dis incident up whenever we're going overseas.

finally it's raining.
however my mood is kinda gloomy too:(
seriously, i dun feel good today man.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:50 AM.

Friday, June 04, 2010

hey peeps.
finally it's Friday.

wat a tedious and happening week i had.
i had a realli tough week.
i need to cool down for de next 2 days.

anyway it's my dad's birthday 2moro:)

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:43 PM.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

hye peeps!
it's me again:)

i'm back to school doing my fyp.
it's been great fun actually.
i enjoy being wif my fyp-mates.
i guess my lab is de most happening lab ever. Haa.
though de 'working time' is practically de same as ipp, it's de people dat matters.
fyp-mates had been matchmaking me all these while. LOL!
best thing is, i'm kinda voiceless now already!

anyway, i'm dealing wif some linux testing.
it's not something i'm have totally no idea about it but it's definitely i'm not familiar to.
there's no coding or programming but it's a new skills i needa catch up wif.
i hope there'll be some pros out there to help me.
i will wana depend on myself but i will wana learn a new skills too.
contradicting huh? dat's me!

ohya. there's dis guy opposite my lab dat has realli long sideburns.
you noe i can't resist guys wif sideburns! omg!
soo far i only noe his name is arian:(

alright, i needa head back to my noisy lab soon.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:33 PM.

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