Thursday, July 31, 2008

i think my yst's post had a pretty big impact! lol! many responded especially edc i think?! he was de first to discover! kinda still processing his words! i dun even noe wat i want coz i dun even noe wat's lacking in my life! i jus couldn't find a direction to head to or maybe wat i need is a person whom understands me and i'm comfortable speaking out my problems to ba?! a soulmate?! lol! let nature takes its own course ba?! i realli realise a lot of stuffs dis few days! anyway, thanks to those who showed genuine concern to me! appreciate!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:37 PM.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i'm trying veri hard to give myself a break from everything but it seems difficult man. i dun noe is it i can't or i dun wish to. i also dun noe wat's wrong wif myself. i can be happi at a moment and at de next moment, i'm not at my usual self le. is it schoolwork dat is occupying my mind or other stuffs? i wish to have an answer though. i feel like my life isn't filled full. wana concentrate on my mind on my studies but i jus can't focus. many things are floating in my mind. another dun noe answer. hais. kinda hate de life i'm having now. being a city kid isn't dat easy yea? think many would agree wif me? i wish to escape. coz when i'm in another country, i can forget all my troubles, at least for dat few days. i can totally relax myself. i wonder am i putting on a fake mask again? am i back to those days again?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:08 PM.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

had our marketing presentation today! quite okie larh! but lots of last minute touchup! finally can take a break le! as least until next week i needa not have to chiong project! realli need a break sia! these few days coz of submission of project soo didn't manage sleep well! i'm gonna give myself a great rest tonight! ahaha! sis's birthday coming! random~

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:33 PM.

Monday, July 28, 2008

piles and piles of project work ar! having marketing presentation 2moro! my last chance le! lol! i'm getting nervous le can?! next tuesday is another big day! project website presentation! omg! each group 30mins to present dat means 5mins per member! wat's there soo much to talk about?! grhs! submission submission! it's de submission week! save me man! after week17 is study break le! dat means it's getting nearer to exams! i hate exams!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:12 PM.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

did a personality in HN's blog! lol! results are quite true! interesting~
Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.
The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.
Your views on education:
You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.
The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.
How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.
What are you most afraid of:
You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.
Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:00 AM.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

as usual and prepared, i flunked my java practical test. whole class managed to pass except me and geok lan. sian! failed by 3marks. had communication skills exam yst. de paper was okie coz i realli had 3hrs of hardcore studying in de library. my running nose is back again. now wif a sore throat too. i'm gonna have to recover by next tuesday coz it's my marketing presentation. hais~ i'm realli scared of flunking any more papers! i need help!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:28 AM.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

okie! all these photos are taken during our practical class! total of 156 photos but i only upload those classic ones! ahaha! woo~ my blog is flooded wif photos! lol!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:42 PM.

these photos are taken on tuesday before our marketing tutorial using ED's lappy! there are more photos taken today during our practical class! ahaha! stay tune~

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:15 PM.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

had java practical test today! omg! think i gonna flunk dis test too! hais~ recently like keep flunking tests leh! aiyo! buck up jess! stop flunking ur papers can?! lol! had some tiff wif ED today! damm sian! speechless too! 2moro html quiz on javascript! hope dat i dun flunk dis quiz again!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:12 PM.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

got back our marketing results today! damm sian coz i flunk my marketing exam! failed by 10marks! me and SY realli did badly for dat paper! de same problem is back again! mind and brain going blank when i get stressed up by de environment! i gotta get dis problem cured! needa buck up in de project work or else i think i gonna retake de module le! choy! i dun wana retake! grhs! woo~ took photo wif min hun le! ahaha! also took many many photos using SY and ED's lappy! oooya! changed new phone le! sony ericsson, G900! although not de model dat i realli like but at least better den nothing! lol! still figuring out how to use!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:09 PM.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i had been thinking for de whole night. i'm like kinda stuck in de middle of a road. i didn't noe where to head. till morning chatted wif shar when i finally realise where should i head le. for dat moment, i realli wanted to tell you my feelings but now, i jus want things to be how they used to be. time will give me an answer i believe coz i dun wana rush things. to shar and my beloved jiemeis, dun worri about me! i'm doing great! jus needa unlock some stuffs in my heart nia! i'm gonna be fine! anyway, heard a piece of good news from shar! all my cliques are all attached! lol! left me le! ahaha! looking forward to 4 couples' outing! but i think they gotta wait for quite some time le ba?! ahahha!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:29 PM.

Friday, July 11, 2008

pretty emo today. out of a sudden de. i also dun noe wat's wrong wif myself. there are like soo many stuffs in my mind. doubts dat needa be clarified, i dun noe how to. thinking of de past, but things aren't de same le. i wana have an answer but i think it would jus be another secret deep down in my heart ba? i think i'm like a fool, waiting for an answer dat won't return to me. memories from de past are still haunting me. de pain is back again. wat else more can i do to get rid of all de memories of you in my mind? i tried veri hard and put in de a lot of effort le but why everytime when i'm getting well wif life, de sight of you would jus flash through my mind as if like it should be there de? i realli wish to start everything anew but i realise i'm still living in de memories you had given me. i'm jus soo tired. hais~ i need a time to chill out man!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:56 PM.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

yst went see doctor and feeling much better today le! ahaha! was like a sick cat for de last 2 days! lol! took many many lame photos wif HN while waiting for class! crazy us! video in class and break too!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:43 PM.

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