Tuesday, March 31, 2009

went to bugis wif sis.
wanted to catch dat shopaholic show.
ended up jus pure shopping coz we were tempted by de many fancy shops.
lunch-ed at tcc.
sponsored by dad wif 50bucks.
however, bill was 75bucks. LOL!

de staffs are friendly. =)

shopped in de junction.
headed to de streets after a while.
we bought many many stuffs.
it's realli a good thing to have a sis around de same body build wif you.
you have de benefit of sharing clothes. =)
anyway, sis footed most of de bills.

met sweet after work yst.
she jus ended her training.
i can sense dat it's a place where she will enjoy working in.
i'm happi for her.
afterall, it's hard to find a job dat you will realli enjoy.
i still miss those catch-up wif her. =(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:05 PM.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'M SOO SOO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alright, i'm complaining again.
i said i wouldn't right?
but i'm REALLI REALLI veri tired. =(

i had been working continuously for de past 3days.
bad thing of de day: i forgot to submit my schedule for next week.
i hope they can slot me in.
however, deep down in my heart, i wish to have a week's break.

anyway, met my family for dinner at my favourite wisma's food republic.
as usual, i had my hokkien mee, bbq chicken wings and qing tang.
my appetite had became smaller.

today had been realli busy.
full house.
i didn't get to rest at all. =(
my soles hurt man.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:39 PM.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i think ever since i started working at tcc@isetan scotts, i never enjoy my time there.
dat's wat i told my trainer too.
i'm feeling stressed up.
seriously, wat i feel soo great about working is de sense of enjoyment and satisfaction you had achieved.
however, i didn't.
wat i had was days and nights of memorising.
i realli hope to give myself a second chance, 2weeks.
2weeks is all i have.

anyway, i feel A LOT much better when sweet and her family came.
there was a drastic change in my facial expression i swear. =)
i'm realli glad to have a best friend always by my side.
supporting my decision, giving me conductive advises.

they brought me sushi, my favourite.
warms my heart immediately.

here are some CUTE photos taken yst.

ALRIGHT! enough of my venting and unhappiness.
i'm officially a year2 student when school term commence on de 20thAPRIL.
i'm soo happi but i'm not looking forward either.
although i had been allocated to vb, i can predict, de times will be A LOT much harder dis time round.

talking about my best friend, she's my SWEET!
noe why? coz she's realli a sweet girl.
when i'm feeling down, she will noe and jus a sentence from her will cheer me up.
i wouldn't imagine how will my days be like without her around.
she's my BEST BEST FRIEND on earth!
ohya! back to de point.
she found herself a new job.
i hope she can be confirmed wif de job.
but of coz, she must enjoy de work too.
dat's my mine concern oh. =)

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:26 PM.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

alright peeps.
i'm back here in my blog to update again.
i'm pretty sick these few days.
good friend comes visiting me again.
fever, flu and sore throat.

lunch-ed at kovan wif sis and mum before returning home for a bath and headed for work yst.
mum bought me a pair of nice shorts and a diary book and a winnie-de-pooh pen from popular.
there was a customer who wanted my pen for her son soo much.
i couldn't bare to part wif de pen soo i rejected de customer's offer.
anyway, i had decided to start writing a diary.
i think it's a good habit especially after reading sweet's diary.
i feel it's good to write down ur feelings coz blogging can be quite fake at times.
but writing in a diary book is something between you and ur diary only.

back to my work, i only worked for barely 2hrs until i almost collapse.
my head's spinning like a basketball i swear.
i can't imagine i still have to do closing.
hence, i requested to return home early.
marge and taha were good enough to release me home to rest.

li ling broke an empty glass yst.
she shouted at me but i noe she didn't mean it either.
she apologised to me afterwards.
actually, i never blame her at all.
edith broke a bowl of sauce yst too.
she was jus worried about me.
i'm glad dat my colleagues can be nice people at times when you need their understanding.

i'm gonna end today's post wif my work schedule for de following week:
1. tuesday (12 to 4)
2. thursday (1 to 5)
3. friday (3 to 7)
4. saturday (1 to 6)
congrats to me dat i'm not doing closing! =)
i hate closing to de MAX!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:14 PM.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

hey peeps!
i'll be leaving for work in another 1.5hrs' time.
i wonder how will work be today.
i hope dat it will be like tuesday. =)

ohya! de chun li show is out already.
i realli wana watch it.
and my bloody valentine too.
although i dun watch horror movies, i wana try watching my bloody valentine.
i had been hearing dat it's quite a nice show.

i feel like having steamboat or somesort seoul gardens.
craving for de food in tcc too. =(

i wana go shopping.
my closet needs to replenish stocks.
i'm sick and tired of all de clothes in my wardrobe.

when i started working, i realised there are many things i wana do.
but it's realli 心有余而力不足.
1. i dun have de money.
all these stuffs need money to accomplish.
2. i dun have de time.
i'm working on every alternate days.
3. i dun have de mood.
whenever i'm having off day, i feel like resting.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:11 PM.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yst night was my first night doing closing.
i kinda enjoyed yst's work.
perhaps it's de only day after many shifts i didn't get scolded.
coz i didn't give a damm to de old woman anymore.
marge, my store manager, tried letting me take orders yst.
no big mistakes, everything is cool and steady.
i liked her, coz she will teach me wherever i'm in doubts.
whereas de rest, will be impatient wif me.

yl and classmates came to find me.
i was kinda stunned to see them.
however, dat old woman is there watching soo i didn't get to chat much wif them.
honestly speaking, i've learnt how to watch my actions under people's eyes.
and dis's de only way i can save myself from getting into troubles.

caught 'de legend of despereaux' wif hn and ed.
de mouse is cute. ahahahah!
however, de show doesn't applaud me much.
anyway, it's been ages ever since de last time we went out.
i'm realli happi. =)

got back my results yst too.
although i didn't meet my target, at least i had improved.
it's not much a great improvement but i had placed in all my effort.
i'm not disappointed, seriously. =)

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@5:30 PM.

Monday, March 16, 2009

hey peeps.
i'm back again. LOL!

dis week's schedule is out.
i'm working on 2, 4 and 6.
tuesday, thursday and saturday. =(
lamest thing is, i'm doing closing for all 3days.
i realli hate doing closing coz they will ask me do all de sai kang.

yst, there were many cutsomers in de afternoon.
hence, there were many drinks and food coming out at de same time.
as a runner, my job is to send food,drinks and clear tables.
i jus started work a week and how do you expect me to remember everything at one go?!
i gotta remember de drink name, which drink for which table, food name and which food for which table!

remember in my previous post i mentioned about dis middle-aged woman?
i realli feel like slapping her man.
she's only a senior staff there, not even a manager or assistant manager.
but she loves to pin-point me and complain about me.
i'm gracious enough to forgo about de hp thingy and yst, she complained me about being forgetful.
she loves to command me to do things and i realli hate dat.

it's not dat i like to complain about my job and stuffs.
but i can feel dat seriously i have problem communicating wif her man.
1. she makes me feel uneasy when i'm working.
2. she gives me de shiver when she speaks.
3. she abuses her authority (actually she also dun have much authority coz she's jus a staff too)

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:37 AM.

Friday, March 13, 2009

work today was simply hectic.
perhaps i jus haven't got used to working in a fnb line.
de manager, taha, indeed taught me a lot a lot today.
i noe he meant good but didn't he realise i also need time to absorb right?
anyway, i hope i can remember de stuffs he taught me.

honestly speaking, he had a fierce face when i first saw him.
i knew he was a manager who can joke wif you and also get serious wif you.
he offered to treat me a slice of cake from tcc but i had to head home for dinner.
i hope he can still remember to offer me dis cake when i'm hungry de next time.

i met another full-time staff today.
her name is chris.
a middle-aged woman.
everybody is saying we resembles.
i dun quite realli like her.
noe why? coz she went bao tou me using handphone in de toilet.
wat's soo wrong about dat man?!
freaking pissed off but i will still put on a smile in front of her.
who asks i'm still a new-comer.

bear wif it JESS!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:05 PM.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

yst's work was sucky.
i was told to do all de sai kang.
1. sanitize de sofa and tables.
2. do sweeping when i'm not doing closing.
3. washing de sauces caps.
4. clean cupboards.

hais. who asks i'm a new-comer.
had been working non-stop for 5hours.
no break, no drinks, no rest.
even when there's few customers around, i have to read through de menu.

i'm soo hungry you noe?!
de food are appearing jus in front of me but i can't consume them. =(
luckily there's still some food at home.

until today, i'm still feeling tired. =(

我讨厌你拿我的东西就像是理所当然的。 这已经不是第一次了。
我搜集了很久的钞票, 就算我再困苦都不会用却被你理所当然地拿来用。
如果你了解我, 你就会知道我并非心痛那钱, 而是你那理所当然的态度令我对你好失望。
难道你不知道只要你说声, 对不起, 我就会原谅你吗?
你是我的妈妈, 我的亲生母亲, 可是为什么你却一次又一次地令我感到失望呢?
因为至少我会勇于承认我的过错, 不会拼命地找理由来掩饰我的过错。

PS: i wana go watch movie, shopping, eat and play even if it's jus for a day. =(

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:52 PM.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

brought sweet to tcc's office for walk-in interview.
seriously, i jus wish she gets de job.
whether to working together wif me or not, i dun habour much hope.
afterall, there are 30 boutiques inlcuding 2 at de west and 2 for 24hrs operation.

wasn't in a good energy today.
sweet realised it too. =(
i'm tired. but i'm not starting to dislike de job.
i need de bucks soo complaining will be jus something for me to vent after de long hours of standing.

shopped around bugis junction and bugis streets.
i'm starting to dislike de goods in bugis streets except for some.
their quality realli sucks. jus one touch and you'll noe.
however, you pay a price for wat you get.
i have to admit dat their price is pretty much lower compared to boutiques.\
spotted a mickey and elmo tee, i wanted soo soo much.
as usual, i needa wait for my pay to come in first. =(

sis and me had been trying to save up money to buy de 200bucks worth of 15clothes from a blogshop.
they are kinda like a wholesaler dat's why their minimum purchase is 15pieces of clothing.

once again, i forgot to bring sweet's book.
i noe how much she wanted to read de book.
sorri girl! i hope i'll remember to bring de next time i meet you. =)

alright! i'm working 2moro, 4 to 9.
wat a weird working hour, no break.
can someone tell me should i makan before work or after work?

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:45 PM.

yst was my first day at work.
extra-ordinary workflow.
or maybe, coz i had never been working in an fnb line before.

train-ed to my allocated boutique after de training session which lasted from 10 to 3.
soo, my allocated boutique is... ISETAN SCOTTS!
omg! it's there again! i can't believe it man!
one of de staff was dining there whom i recognised had helped me settle dat china woman's issue.
i doubt she recognises me anyway.

de training was quite fun.
a total of 13 of us.
at de end, all separated to different boutiques.
it was totally a different scenario in de boutique.
you realli gotta noe when to ask and when to work.
dis's de first time non of my friends are wif me.
perhaps, it's time for me to learning to be an independent working individual.

not working today! =)
my next shift will be on wed and fri.
de managers look pretty friendly i can say.
my buddy, nevertheless, keeps teaching and teaching us.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:41 AM.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

these are de over-due photos.
my blog is super deprived of photos larh.

at toy-room. =)

angklung day~


PS: i will watch dat chun-li show sia!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:51 PM.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

stayed at home de whole day.
been going out recently.
i need a break seriously.
starting work dis coming monday.
it will be training and stuffs.
i wonder how will it be like.
how are de people there?
are they gonna be friendly?
i hope i can realli enjoy working in tcc.
no matter wat, i always wish to have things to do.

helped mum wrap siew mai today!
it's soo fun and cute!
small little dumplings!
erm. although it taste unlike de ones you eat outside, it's still edible larh.
no worries!
food done by jessica is always edible de.

had been playing wif sis's ds.
it's soo fun playing mario kart and elite beat agents!
i love playing elite beat agents especially.
it was recommended by sweet.
i got addicted to it.
de only game i dun feel sick after playing tons of times.
i managed to break through all levels and now i'm jus improving my scores.
it's realli an exciting game.
if you have a ds, please try it.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:17 PM.

Friday, March 06, 2009

hey peeps!
i was out de whole afternoon wif sis. =)
was supposed to meet dad for lunch too but he was held up by a meeting.
totally sian-ness. =(
hence, we settled our lunch at pasta de waraku.
i had been craving for it since ages.
their service is pretty good i feel.
total satisfaction! =)

as my new job requires me to wear black pants and black covered shoes, i had to buy 2 black jeans from samuel&kevin at lucky plaza.
went on to taka's everlast and bought a pair of black shoes.
de most contradicting part is dat i already have de same pair of shoes.
i'm crazy enough to buy de same type of shoes but jus in another different colour.
got myself and sis a pair of watch too. =)

sis wanted to buy a pair of heels soo we headed to far east.
on de way, we saw naked youngsters jus wearing an IKEA box.
i think it's one of their promotional strategy.
they are super daring to jus put on a box and walked on de streets in orchard road larh.
sis wasn't able to find her desired heels.
i ended up buying an accessory.
it's kinda cute i think.
am i getting more and more vain?

PS: i'm utterly BROKE man!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:51 PM.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

it had been a year ever since you walked out of my life.
i'm proud of myself to say loudly, i had moved on.
i dun deny dat knowing you had been one of de most meaningful thing to me.
no matter wat, de memories we shared cannot be diminished.
i jus wana keep those happi moments we had.
i feel fortunate, to have at least once had ur love although it was a harsh one.
a year, 365days. it's a lie if i say i had forgotton you.
it's practically impossible.
i noe, it's time for me to keep you totally hidden deep down in my heart.

, my

ooo ya! dad says he's gonna renovate our house entirely.
omg! i'm soo excited! =)))))
but where are we gonna move to during de renovation?
chalet? hotel? rent house? relative's house? colleague's house?
time passes soo fast, it has already been 9years since we moved in.

i suddenly recalled of how many houses did we move to when i was young.
life was pretty harsh.
although i did not have much memories about stuffs back den, i knew it wasn't an easy one.
especially my dad and mum.
whenever i asked them about our past, their faces show everything.
they went through thick and thin jus to give de 3 of us a proper home.
i will treasure de things i have now even more after hearing de lifestories of my family.
coz i noe all de wealth and prosperity we have now did not come easy.

friends always say i'm an obedient girl.
i dun deny. i can say it's my childhood experience dat builds my character today.
i didn't have fantastic toys.
i didn't have nice clothes.
i didn't have much company wif my dad.
for i only remember my childhood is all about moving from house to house.
and my dad always not around by my side.
he will be sleeping when i leave house to school.
he's not back yet when i turned in.
yet, i'm still realli grateful i have such responsible parents.
even till today, they still takes care of us pretty well.
from our health to diet to daily activities to education.
they are always concerned about us even though we are pretty grown up.

perhaps to many people, they are over-protecting us.
i used to hate them for over-controlling my life.
it's no longer now anymore.
instead, i appreciate them even more.
lastly i jus wana say, I LOVE DE COMPANY OF MY FAMILY.

i'm getting a job at tcc!
i needa get myself a pair of black shoes and pants.
i hope sweet to be working wif me too. =(
i hope i can enjoy working dis time.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@11:54 AM.

Monday, March 02, 2009

hillo peeps!
it's time for updates~

anyway, i cabbed to suntec coz wari was like telling me their office closes at 5pm.
in de end, there's no more vacancies for carrefour.
damm sian. wasted my cab fares. =(

train-ed to amkHUB afterwards.
fairPRICE doesn't have anymore vacancies either.
double sian-ness. =(

tried our luck at artBOX.
fortunately, they didn't reject us straight away.
although i noe de chances are not veri high too.
no matter wat, we jus gotta try.

sweet treated me dinner.
i'm utterly broke to de max.
for now, i'm willing to take on any job as long as it's decent.
i'm desperate in need of bucks coz:
1. a pair scholl/clarks shoe for my mum for her birthday.
2. bring my mum for a good dinner during mother's day.
3. a pair of adidas superstar series shoe for my dad for his birthday.
4. samsung k3shine mp3 for myself.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:29 PM.

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