Thursday, October 28, 2010

hi peeps!
i noe i haven't been updating for my space for quite a while.
it's kinda dead right? LOL!
but who cares man? i noe there are still people out there who still wana read up about my life;D

alrighty, i shall start from de latest, if only i can still recall.
japan's trip is confirmed!
i'll be flying off on de 11th of dec and coming back on de 16th of dec.
we wanted to extend our trip to hokkaido but as usual, it's too late as there were no more seats.
honestly speaking, japan's trip won't be able to materialize without god's help.
we'll always book our tickets only in 1months' time wif at least 20px and wif Singapore Airlines.
somemore, we can only leave on de nov and dec(peak period).
wif dat, it makes de agency even tougher to find seats for us.
even for de korea trip, we were also placed on de waiting list.
soo, i'm grateful dat god listened to my prayers.
you wouldn't noe how much dis japan trip means to me.
as a young little girl, i had always wanted to visit tokoyo's disneyland.
i guess, it's a dream in all child.
at de age of 19, my dream will be fulfilled!

finishing wif my japan's trip update, i'll be talking about school!
yea, school had reopened for 2weeks after 2months of holidays.
modules had been quite relaxed lately.
except for cloud computing, others seemed fine to me.
cloud computing and IS will never be my forte. Haa.
coming 3years of tertiary education, we'll all be graduating in few months' time.
dis means we'll all be parting soon.
some will be furthering their studies while mostly will be joining de workforce.
it's time for everybody to give some thoughts of our future:)

thanks diary.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:32 PM.

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