Monday, December 29, 2008

An nyoung ha se yo, people! it means hillo!
i'm back from my 6days trip to korea!
i think everyone is curious how i spent my 08 christmas ba?
i shall update now! ahahahha!

morning call was 6.50am.as usual, tired still.
but we knew de journey back home is getting nearer and nearer. =(
visited their ginseng factory, amethyst factory and the face shop.
bought stuffs a bit from each shop.
but i think we bought de most from face shop ba. coz their prices is much more cheaper as compared to s'pore.
parted wif 海英姐姐 coz some were leaving for 纪州岛.
left for airport at around 2pm and took de 4.30pm flight back to s'pore.
flight was delayed due to some problems hence landed a bit later.
we are thoroughly exhausted man.
dis's tim! his famous pose!
tim wif us!dis's nich wif us!

morning call was 6.30am. soo soo early.
visited their palace. korea's palace was much much smaller compared to china.
weather was back to cold again. =(
next stop, we headed to kimchi making session.
did our own kimchi. it was fun and easy.
wore their traditional clothings. photo taking session.
headed to coffee prince cafe, 咖啡王子一号店.
de cafe looks much smaller in real life. tasted their hot chocolate.
de boss finally smiled, but i didn't see it. wat a pity man. coz he never smile.
next theme park we visited was lotte world theme park.
de place they shot de korean drama, 天国的阶梯.
but i didn't manage to find de painting.
damm pek chey coz all de exciting games waiting hours damm long.
tried their 炸酱面 but it taste veri china. lol.
2moro returning back home already. =(

morning call was 6.50am, damm early, totally restless.
next stop, 大长今 theme park.
de whole place was much much smaller den in de show. i realli pei fu de director sia.
went to their strawberry farm and pluck strawberry.
but only limit one person to 3 strawberries. however, we pluck only 3 but ate more den 3. ahahahaha!
next stop we went hot spring spa. damm shiok ar coz after a whole day of skiing, body aching already.
we were told we cannot wear anything. omg! soo we didn't go to de nude swimming area.
we stayed in our comfort zone which is de family swimming pool.
but, naked ladies were walking here and here. soo obscene sia.
headed to korea famous shopping land, 东天门.
shopping for souvenirs and of coz, clothes.
managed to buy some stuffs for my friends definitely.
as there was not enough time, we headed back to 东天门 again in de night.
dis time, we all managed to buy all our stuffs.
weather was much warmer today. =)
side kitchen!
main kitchen!
de place they put de utensils!
got tv de wors!
study room!
letter was hidden!
us wif tim again!
emporor's seat!
servant room!

my sis and me woke up as early as 3.30am due to my dad's snoring. lol.
after packing all de stuffs, we left house to terminal3 at 5.15am.
dad den went to pack his car at de office.
de rest of us were having breakfast at de airport.
our first tourguide, nicholas (nich). he's de quiet one. =P
plane took off at 8am, landed at incheon korea internation airport at 3.30pm.
journey was about 6 and de half hours ba.
met dao de other 2 tour guides, hai ying and timmy.
she's de talkative one and he's another quiet one.
we called him de OKIE guy. but actually he's de photographer.
jus dat everytime after he counted de exact number of people, he will always shout OKIE. ahahah!
it was another 1h ride to reach de hotel.
reached hotel and checked-in.
as it was still early, we travelled out to 南天门.
didn't manage to buy much stuffs but tasted their local food for de first time.
korean food realli dun suit my bud for dat moment i thought.
however, de weather was still acceptable i can say.

morning call was at 7.50am. it was still acceptable coz it 8.50 s'pore time.
had breakfast and headed to our first stop, everland theme park.
it was half-hill soo de travel time was expected, 2hours.
i wanted to sleep in de bus but hai ying jie jie started her lesson again.
she's an assistant professor in a local uni dat's why.
reached de theme park and i was damm surprised by de staffs.
they make me feel realli warm visiting their theme park.
after lunch, de sky began snowing. all of us were soo excited coz first time see snow.
we were lucky man and took many many photos of coz.
went up straight to de skiing mountain after theme park. it's called muju resort.
2 and de half hours journey, we were restless by den.
rented our skiing stuffs checked into their best hotel in muju resort. fortunate man. lol.
i'm still trying to adapt to korean food.
otherwise, de weather is getting colder.

morning call was at 7.50am, acceptable still.
had breakfast and headed off to skiing.
de weather was damm freaking cold can? freezing temperature, windy weather.
and we had to spend de whole day out in de snowy mountain.
changed into de costumes, get our equipments and off we went.
skiing wasn't as easy as it seems to be i swear. i also lost count how many did i fall down already. i was glad dat tim was there. he had to carry instead of helping me.
i think he can't stand my screaming too ba.
returned all our stuffs and went all de way up to de top of de hill.
cable car was damm scary, it was soo high man.
even colder up there. my nose was like bleeding like free. =(
body was like aching like free already. =(

hao le.
dis's how i spent my trip in korea for de past 6days.
overall, i realli enjoyed myself.
Kam sa ham ni da!

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