Monday, February 26, 2007

2day is mine birthday... 16 years ago de 2day i came in2 dis world... hahaha... 2day received alot of presents... got a pooh towel from msTOH, pooh waterbottle from sandy, bear money from grabriel, teddy bear from angie, a wooden script and chocolates from angelia and lastly, perfume from adeline, liing and jason... suddenly i feel soo loved by them... thanks people 4 making me feel soo loved and making my 16 year old birthday such a memorable 1... and also sorri 4 making u guys spending a bomb on my presents... love u all ya...
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

yesterday was de peformance at tanjong katong complex 4 goh cheong tong... ai ya dun noe how spell his name la... den dat driver dropped us at de bus stop lor... how can he... den he still dropped our tone bar... he insisted dat de carpark was full of cars but it was not at all when we went and check... wat an irresponsible driver... de rest of de day was tired lor... busy wif food, make up and hair... angie really helped us a lot... soo r de rest of my friends... reached school around 10 liao... dad fetched me home... dat's all le ba...

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

these r some of de cartoon drawings drawn by msTOH when we were waiting 4 angelia's lesson 2 end... quite funny...
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dis is spongebob... he looks a bit retarded...
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dis is patrick from spongebob square pants...
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and dis another drawing...
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last but not least dis is my favourite cartoon character liao and it is doremon... soo cute...

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i'm pretty busy durin these 3 days of cny celebrations lor... first day went 2 auntie's house... had our lunch there... we went there quite early 2 help her out... received many many hongbaos... den second day was their turn 2 come 2 our house and have lunch liao... damm busy la... den 2day was supposed 2 visit my dad's friends's house 4 lunch too again... it's at woodlands... quite far from my house... i was like supposed 2 invite sharon and her sis 2 come my house and bai nian de but in de end my mum sae cannot... but she instead prepared hongbaos 4 them... wanted 2 sae sorri 2 them... sorri sharon... 2moro goin back school liao... miss my friends ya... think i'm gonna gain weight le...

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

i'm like damm pissed off 2day la... dun noe wat's de problem wif these juniors... actually de whole thing is about angklung again... we went 2 conference hall 2day 4 syf rehearsal... we had no choice but 2 dismental all de solo angklung frames... when after everything we came back 2 school and fixed back all de frames again, we found out 1 of the stand is lost liao... den as usual chers will bound 2 get angry de coz be4 we went they reminded us 2 bring back wat we brought there... now dat it's lost, we sure will get scoldin de lor... den is of course seniors fault again la... why is it always seniors... if chers have 2 sae dat seniors r 2 bear some responsibility den why not de juniors too... as usual is always DAT group of them la... they were havin de non-chalent attitude as if it's non of their business lor... they were like even lookin at de mirror when chers r scoldin de time lor... seniors r always bein scolded de lor... we already put in soo much effort and energy but simply no 1 appreciate and take us 4 granted... even juniors like sandy tried her best 2 help out liao lor... jus like wat msTOH sae they all sell fish de... only think 4 themselevs... okie, think my tone is too angry liao... must need cool down first... another big thing dat happened 2day was durin de assembly... yesterday we sang liao den chua-ong was not quite satisfied soo 2day we sang again lor... in de end we all end up shoutin instead of singin coz we really 1 2 end it once and 4 all... although in de end we need not have 2 sing 2moro liao but de boys were being scolded by chua-ong... coz they shouted instead of singing den made de girls laugh... is like even chers r laughin too lor soo how can she blame de boys... never mind liao... anyway hope dat de guys will be fine... 2moro havin chinese new year de school performance liao... also not veri happi coz de juniors r like placed in de front row... anyway watever la... not much feelings 4 angklung liao... oh ya... must thank ANGIE 4 yesterday de flower 4 drama queen de... although de flower is from hers but she added our name in... thanks angie... okie le la... 2day like blog too much liao... i shall end here le...

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2day was a quite fun day... perhaps coz i realli enjoyed maths 2day ba... i mean in remedials de time... mr ian was quite tired however we was veri focused... at de same time, we were also enjoyin de lessons... i think ahKOW and ahNIAO realli have de ability 2 bring up de whole atmosphere lor... their laughter realli can make it de... end of de lessons went back straight home le... in de end end up in de same bus as mr ian... we took de same bus... we were like discussin a lot about chers... kind of adapted his teachin method le... i still remember startin de time i can't catch up wif wat he's teachin lor densort of pissed off la... hahaha... fickle minded... can't wait 4 friday 2 arrive... have been waitin 4 dis 4 a long time liao...

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Monday, February 05, 2007

finally returned back school 2day le... feelin quite different... perhaps coz a new hair cut and new specs ba... dat specs is givin me soo much trouble lor... it's quite tight den quite painful when wear de time... gonna go 2 any specs shop and get some help or else i'm gonna bear de pain 4 dun noe how long liao... new hair cut was quite so-so... different people have different comments... hais... missed quite a few lessons den now must catch up wif de others' pace le... cannot afford 2 slack le starting from now onwards... btw, 2moro got f&n again... although can get 2 see ahKOW but sure there're bound 2 be alot of stuffs 2 happen 2moro le... hope dat some1 can prove me wrong...

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

i'm now still recoverin from my illness... hais... got ulcer at de throat den dun noe wat virus attack la... dun noe wat's happenin 2 my body nowadays le... most of classmates also sick liao... flu, cough... all sorts of illness... btw, 2moro got angklung again... after hearin all de bad things dat happened in angklung on wednesday, i no longer feel it's a good thing 2 attend it liao lor... hate it... wat's happenin 2 de cher dat doted on us alot last time leh... time changes soo does humans... maybe it's time we should jus simply step down and dun care those stuffs liao... but can we leh... we r often put in a veri difficult position... dun do also cannot, den do liao also will get scolded... haishaishais...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:50 PM.

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