Wednesday, September 19, 2007

gotton back most of my prelims results today le. got high and got low. got happi and got paranoid. happi it's coz i passed maths and dat means i can shut my dad's mouth however it's totally impossible de unless i scored full marks? sad it's coz i may not pass my english. never mind shall see 2moro how are my remaining results ba. after school went to bugis wif dear and shar. hehe! another fun trip! saw some people dat realli disgusted us. as compared to them, we are much more civilised people(agreed by shar). bought dear a long-sleeved shirt. chosen by shar coz i trust her taste ya? hehe! had lots and lots of laughters. i realised dat i zhen de cannot differentiate between sotong, squid, cuttlefish and octopus. sad case ar! never mind! i noe i belongs to de sotong family(given by shar & mei mei) can liao. pei shar wait for her bus and we went off le. and ya hope dat shar and mei mei can cheer up. anything there's me de!
looking forward to our first year anniversary!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:21 PM.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

prelims are finally over! yeah! but getting back results 2moro le. sian~ today after exams went to parkway wif shar (ke ai pang nv ren/ cute sharon) and eric. after dat zai met angie. when we first reached parkway, it was like a dead city. we reached there around 10 plus ya? all shops were closed. pathetic us needa wait till 2 to enjoy de student meal from pastamania. haha. walked around for about 3 hours before de dead city came alive. we were talking about cosmetics, facial and stuffs. learnt quite a lot from them. after all these chattings, we went to get eric's stuffs from popular and back to parkway again but dis time to wait for angie and de 2 o'clock to pass as soon as possible. haha. finally waited for de 2 o'clock to pass and there we ate baked rice! we were realli veri hungry by dat time le. after eating they pei me go wait for my bus and off we went home! okie, indeed i had a happi trip wif them!
our trust, our love will be there! i love you~

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:50 PM.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

i'm back to my beloved blog ya! or else i think it's gonna rot liao jus like SOMEONE de le! hehe! having prelims dis 2 weeks. jus have to endure another few days more jiu zhen de can relax liao. left wif f&n and science multiple choice. somemore i forgot to take back my f&n textbook, sian~ luckily i still have my notes. as usual exams must be trapped at home le lor. shar's facing some problems in her life now. realli pray dat things will go out well for her and mei hua. dun wish to see them hurting themselves coz my heart will pain too ya.
erm i'm realli feel dat i'm spending lesser and lesser time wif dear le. hope dat there can be a day i can spend my whole day wif him but i think it's gonna be veri diffcult to happen ba especially when i can't even go home late. but still, i can see him in school everyday. i must be contented le. thanks shar for helping to think of a veri good idea and dat's to bluff my mum dat i'm going out wif her to study but actually is going out wif dear ya. appreciater her efforts to help us. i love you lots ya shar! you still have me de!
okie i failed mei mei's test. aiyo! feeling like i'm not fit to be her nanny leh! but luckily she managed to convince me dat her test is indeed difficult and everyone failed. feeling much much better liao. sandy, u are forever de mei mei in my heart!
just 'celebrated' dear and me 6th month anniversary. zhen de feeling veri bad towards him coz we realli didn't spend much time wif together le. however, i'm still happy dat we crossed e 6th month barrier! was chatting wif shar and realised dat dear is de longest relationship i had le ba. i tell myself i must zhen de treasure him and maintain dis relationship.
oh my goodness! dis post can be considered one of e longest post i had le ba. haha! shall end here le!
our story shall continue~ i believe we can!

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@7:48 PM.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

okie back to blogging ya. had two miserable nights when i did not sleep well and two miserable days had to attend school. although tired, it's all for our own good as prelims are resuming again on dis coming monday. first paper will be maths and followed by history liao. two most exhuasting subjects. ohya went out wif scarlett and shar on tuesday after history. haha! had a great and fun day wif them though we were veri tired. today went to wisma and repair my phone wif my sis and shar(ke ai pang nv ren/ cute sharon). they told me dat maybe needa pay den i was like soo paranoid. i did not bring cash wif me somemore de sum seemed quite big de. they kept laughing while i'm like soo worried. think they make up a good combination since de both of them are elder sisters ya? until when we left de service center den they told me is not need pay de. lol! make me soo worried! my phone's giving me soo many problems. like to see but not good to use de. hais~ never mind i shall walk step by step and moniter de problem ba. tired~
i love you~

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@4:54 PM.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

shar brought me to her church office today. little did we realise dat there is actually no ex. today ya. we were not informed at all and yet we made our trip down. however it was not wasted after all la. accepted christ le. after dat we went down to bishan. played acarde wif shar to vent anger in a way. feel much better le and cheer up shar! around 4 plus i needa go down to bugis to meet my family for steamboat dinner. didn't noe where's e exact place soo we walked and walked and walked. my dad's gonna be back 2moro le. no more relax days liao. but i realised these days without his naggings can be quite bored de soo i would rather to hear his naggings to ask me study! haha!
sorri for my little time spent wif u darling.

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@9:04 PM.

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