Sunday, January 28, 2007

went shoppin yesterday at parkway again... hahaha... soo happi... bought de clothings de i love... but cannot wear them until chinese year... can't stand de temptation lor... even bought a pair of wedges heels shoes at istan... is like soo cheap lor... last time i saw its selling price is like 39 bucks den now is like only 21 bucks... wat a great deal... followed on when 2 make a pair of new glasses... wanted 2 make frameless de but design not veri nice... in de end made a half-frame de... gonna collect it next week le... had been wanting a new pair of glasses 4 a long time le... after dat went on 2 levis, adidas and nike 2 pei gor buy his clothings... he was not satisified with de design soo we went s&k lor... finally he bought a pair of jeans, 1 polo tee and 1 tee shirt... now left with my mum and sis de clothings haven't settle yet... coz yesterday sis didn't go on a shoppin spree with us... she went do her hair... from morning 11.30 to night 10 den come back home wor... her hair quite nice soo next week gonna do with mum... mum may do rebond den me cut only lor... hair still not long enough 2 rebond den later longer a bit must tie, hate dat... wait till poly den rebond ba... dat shop my sis recommand like service veri good leh... would like 2 recommand 2 my friends too... de shop is called 'hair tech'... hahaha... soo happi... soo long didn't go 4 such a shoppin spree le... think dis will be de last time le ba... soon later exams reachin le den no time liao... okie, gonna blog till here...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@1:49 PM.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

thursday was like angie's birthday... woke up early in de morning and went 2 sharon's house 2 help her... de bear was like soo large dat can cover sharon and mine head le lor... but afterall glad dat angie love it... as long she's happi, i dun mind spend dat much... same 4 de rest of my friends too... their birthdays r like comin soon le... hahaha... my birthday too... the cake was yummy... love it lots... yesterday finally i can return back 2 angklung practice le but den was sick... went 2 see a doctor... doctor sae it's quite senious le soo gave veri strong medicine 2 me 2 consume... we wonderin whether 2day still can go shoppin ma... hahaha... btw, i bond angklung on wednesday as i felt dat it was meaningless 4 us 2 attend angklung now as de chers-in-charge were like keep pickin on my friends... we r already like givin in soo much le soo why jus can't u treat us fair a bit... we no need u 2 treat us jus like how mdm z treat us but we jus 1 fairness... seems like u can't do dat jus coz we r seniors and leaders... never mind le... we r goin 2 step down soon le ma... jus have 2 tolerate another 4 more months and we r off ur claws liao... wahahaha... they spoils me day...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@8:36 AM.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

soo long didn't update le... realli realli veri busy nowadays... barely have any time 4 television... coz realli not much time left 4 real studying time liao... need chiong 4 de last run... like wat mr akram sae... dis is de last exam in ur secondary school le ma soo why dun work hard leh... after dis exam u r goin 2 realli leave dis school le... btw, school arrange us 4 a visit 2 republic poly and NYP... i realli hope dat de visit 2 NYP will be a much more better 1 lor coz republic's visit is a total failure... soo sian de lor... dis school is at woodlands ye... i won't even consider dis school in one of my choices... hahaha... anyway, i'm jus simply goin 2 worn out soon le... dun noe how long can i hold on...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:53 PM.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

didn't update my blog 4 quite some time le coz school reopened le den lots and lots of stuffs 2 busy about... terrible terrible things happened in angklung... didn't 1 2 mention anymore le... jus hoping dat cher will her own limits and stop all dis nonsense again but i noe one fine day dis thing is bound 2 happen again... i jus wanna noe why is she simply picking things on us... have we offended her be4 or wat... is it soo difficult 4 her 2 treat us jus like normal students... watever la... jus hope dat i can leave dis school as soon as possible and dun wanna see her face anymore... attendin angklung now is like getting more and more sian le...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@2:10 PM.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

school had reopened le... it's been 3 days since de last time i blogged... dis 3 days in school quite bored... not much things 2 do coz haven't officially start our lessons yet but instead got a lot of admin work 2 settle... lessons will officially start 2moro... a lot of books 2 bring school le... i'm quite com4table wif my dis year class... although not much laughters le but at least it's now a smaller class... startin from 2moro must realli work hard and chiong le... left wif 11 months... stress ar stress...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@3:50 PM.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

school reopened 2day le... came 2 school as per normal den suddenly sharon surprised me wif a christmas gift... it's like soo sweet of her la... finally saw all my friends... not much big change in them... jus feelin dat de class like a bit too small le... not quite used 2 it yet... den went 4 those sian and borin talks in de hall... wat de la... new year soo many changes... first is school can start later but also end later soo it does not make quite big difference... i rather school starts at de same time den later dismissal soo late la... hate goin home soo late lor... secondly still got remedials on every mondays, tuesdays and thusdays... somemore all end at 4... but no choice la... who says we r sec 4 le leh... must chiong 4 de last round le... thirdly is de most miserable news le... our social studies cher change 2 mr ng leh... die liao lor... den history is chua-ong... die again lor... it's not dat i dun like them or watever la but i jus feel dat it's still afterall better 2 maintain de chers dat have taught us last year... have 2 readapt 2 de new teaching method le... i think i'm gonna have a hard time le... time realli flies... i'm already in sec 4 le... can't imagine how will people look me when i enter poly... they will think dat wat's a kid doin in a poly??? hahaha... saw those sec 1 i like saw my own reflection... 2moro still got orientation... have 2 give a speech on how easy is it playin a angklung... cher request dat only leaders wear costumes... hais... soo weird lor... only some wear... i think i will feel veri weird ba... dun realli like dat idea... den reach home found de crown ring dat i loved a lot on my sis's table... wow... it's soo nice... love dat a lot a lot leh... but i noe it isn't meant 2 give me de... it's my sis de... i can only see it cannot have it... disppointed sia... loved dat ring a lot lor...

what we could have been, ★ JESS™@6:18 PM.

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